How Many Children Does Christina Orbakaite Have?

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How Many Children Does Christina Orbakaite Have?
How Many Children Does Christina Orbakaite Have?

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Christina Orbakaite is a popular singer and daughter of Alla Borisovna Pugacheva. She is known for her work not only in Russia, but also abroad. But she perfectly combines her career with raising children, because the singer already has three of them.

How many children does Christina Orbakaite have?
How many children does Christina Orbakaite have?

The family life of Christina Orbakaite did not develop immediately, all children are from different fathers and profess different religions. But this does not prevent the family from being friendly and close-knit. Today Christina is married to Mikhail Zemtsov, a successful American businessman, they live with their children in Miami, they have a common daughter, Claudia.

Orbakaite's first son

Since 1986, the girl has lived in a civil marriage with Vladimir Presnyakov (junior). They were a wonderful couple, loving and vibrant. On May 21, 1991, they had a son, who was named Nikita. But the family did not last long, because of everyday problems and troubles, the lovers parted. The kid stayed with his mother, but at any moment he could communicate with his father.

Nikita's childhood was fascinating, he grew up among the stars, was spoiled by attention, but my mother devoted a lot of time to her career, so my grandmother, Alla Borisovna, took over the upbringing. From childhood, the boy was fond of filming videos and after graduating from school he went to study as a director at the New York Film Academy. At the moment, he makes short films, and also tries himself in the acting profession. He starred in the movie "Fir Trees", in episodes of "Indigo". Today, the young man is planning not only a career, but also a wedding, his choice fell on Aida Kaliyeva, and soon the wedding ceremony is to take place.

Second son of Christina Orbakaite

The second child of a star mother was born on May 10, 1998 from Ruslan Baysarov, he was named Denis. The parents' marriage was not officially registered according to the laws of the Russian Federation, but was confirmed by the imam of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque. Christina converted to Islam, and her son also began to profess this religion.

The relationship between Ruslan and Christina did not work out, due to jealousy and the rude attitude of the civil husband to his wife, the union broke up. A lawsuit was initiated on the issue of the boy's residence, the father wanted to take him for himself. However, a peace agreement was reached, according to which the teenager stays with his parents in turn and has the right to communicate in unlimited quantities.

Daughter of Christina Orbakaite

The third union of Kritina Orbakaite is formalized. She married a prominent businessman Mikhail Zemtsov and moved to Miami. The wedding took place in 2005, and only on March 30, 2012 the first common child appeared in the couple - Claudia. This is a long-awaited girl who is loved by the whole family and loved ones.

The baptism of Claudia's daughter took place in the Catholic Church. Today, Christina herself is a Catholic, like her beloved man.

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