How To Build A Stage

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How To Build A Stage
How To Build A Stage

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Who wouldn't want to feel like a real star? An impromptu scene at home or in the country will help fulfill your most cherished dreams. Just imagine how many pleasant minutes you will bring to your children or friends, allowing them to show their talents in public as comfortably as possible.

How to build a stage
How to build a stage


  • timber,
  • Chipboard,
  • metallic profile,
  • plywood,
  • mortise lamps,
  • screws,
  • nails.


Step 1

It is best to organize the scene in the living room, because this is most likely where you most often gather with friends. If there is not enough room in this room, consider a corner stage.

Step 2

Having understood where the structure will be located, you can easily measure the free space that you have. Remember that the height of the stage should be such that you can simply step on it, and not add a ladder every time you need to climb the stage.

Step 3

Having made the necessary measurements, you can start buying materials. You will need plywood and a frame for it. The plywood should be dense (4 mm to 8 mm). The frame can be assembled from a wooden bar or metal profiles of various sections.

Step 4

For the manufacture of the frame, it is best to choose transverse and longitudinal ribs cut from chipboard with a thickness of 19 mm. The height of the longitudinal ribs should be approximately 300 mm, and the length will depend on the dimensions of the future scene.

Step 5

When assembling the frame, wooden blocks must be screwed to the wall with screws (they will serve as connecting elements). You can also incorporate lighting into the scene. To do this, you will need to purchase mortise lamps (it is best to choose products with impact-resistant glass) and make holes in the plywood for them. Inside the frame, use a wire to connect all the lights in an electrical circuit and bring it to the nearest outlet.

Step 6

Garlands will help make the scene more festive. If space permits, you can install speakers and other equipment. For karaoke, don't forget to put your microphone in too

Step 7

After the frame for the stage is ready, it must be sheathed with plywood using nails or screws. Be sure to cover the resulting scene with tiles or laminate in the same color as the floor of your room. So you will make the new building part of the already habitable, familiar interior.

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