As The Crow Is Called In Fairy Tales

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As The Crow Is Called In Fairy Tales
As The Crow Is Called In Fairy Tales
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In most fairy tales of the world, the crow is represented in the form of a dark, mysterious bird, which is associated with the world of the dead. However, in each fairy tale it is called differently. And each new name characterizes the raven in a completely different light.

As the crow is called in fairy tales
As the crow is called in fairy tales


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From a huge list of names, the following nicknames are the most popular: prophetic crow, horse, crow, gaivoronye and Karkusha. In many fairy tales, you can meet with plots in which the crow appears in the form of a harbinger of misfortune, predicting death and other misfortunes. She has lived for over 100 years and has various secrets. Therefore, this bird is popularly called things.

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Its other name in fairy tales is horseback. It is known that in ancient times people were afraid to mention the word raven or raven, as this could lead to grief. That is why they used only part of its full name. According to Dahl's explanatory dictionary, "horseback" is one of the types of crows. Often in fairy tales, this bird points the way to secret treasures and treasures.

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Voronye. This name shows a disdainful attitude towards the bird, from which one should not expect anything good. In fairy tales, when a crow is mentioned, tears, suffering, misfortune and darkness always follow. Another name for the raven is galle. This kind of nickname has a connection with the jackdaw, which also belongs to the raven family.

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Gaivoronye, ​​gai, gal, rabble. Most often, you can find such a name for the crow in the old tales of the peoples of the world. All these nicknames personify a devil bird accompanying evil spirits. In such tales, the motives of bloodlust, violence and witchcraft are traced.

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Karkusha. A crow with such a nickname is the most positive character. She is a chatterbox who is quite vain and stupid. With her croak, she only makes the forest people laugh.

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However, fairy tales tend to exaggerate the image of the crow too much. In life, these birds are distinguished by their quick-wittedness and caution. And as for the mystical side, perhaps there is some truth hidden in fairy tales. After all, it is not without reason that there are many legends in which, at the mention of evil spirits, a black mysterious image of a crow necessarily appears.

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