What Female Voices Do Everyone Like

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What Female Voices Do Everyone Like
What Female Voices Do Everyone Like
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The intonation and coloration of speech is important when communicating with people. What female voices does everyone like? Timbre can say a lot about its owner. Is there a voice that bewitches both men and women?

What female voices do everyone like
What female voices do everyone like


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Low female voice. Talented vocalists with low voices are not so common. Contralto is the lowest type of voice. According to statistics, it is he who likes both men and women. The range from F of a small octave to G of the second octave sounds very deep and mysterious when singing, which cannot but attract attention. But if we are not talking about vocals, but about simple conversation, it is important that such a timbre does not sound nasal.

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Hoarse voice. Such female voices are liked by men. A little hoarseness when speaking always sounds nice. Such a voice is erotic and sexy for the opposite sex. For women, it also sounds attractive, creating an atmosphere of warm companionship. A girl with a hoarse voice wants to trust and tell all her secrets. But here, too, there are extremes. A smoky voice does not give aesthetic pleasure when listening. Its owner is perceived negatively.

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Chest tone. The deep voice, as if born in the chest, sounds like a motherly warmth. People instinctively listen to its owner and feel good about her. This association dates back to childhood itself. Psychologists say that it is with the owners of such a timbre that men want to create families, and women want to enter into close friendships.

Step 4

Velvet and quiet voice. A gentle whisper and calm measured speech are the key to the trust of others. For a man, such a "cashmere" timbre subconsciously hints at an emotional connection, giving rise to affection. Girls see a friend with a velvet voice as a highly trustworthy counselor. Quiet voices do not irritate, but make you listen. They have a magical attraction that creates the effect of a magnet. They seek understanding from such women, their amazing peace of mind helps to relieve stress.

Step 5

"Children's" voice. A slightly naive and sonorous voice is able to impress the interlocutors. The childishness in the voice is liked by men, as it makes them want to protect the girl. Infantilism in timbre affects women differently. They do not see such a woman as a rival, which creates a feeling of inner relaxation in them. In addition, on a subconscious level, they see in her something like a younger sister who should be protected and patronized.

Step 6

Sensual high-pitched voice. This is not to say that only low voices evoke sympathy. The warm lyric soprano is worthy of attention. If the delivered clear voice comes from the depth of the diaphragm, it is extremely pleasing to others. In the abundance of the usual slightly loud voices, the sonorous timbre of an average pitch makes itself stand out from the general noise.

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