How To Determine The Timbre Of A Voice

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How To Determine The Timbre Of A Voice
How To Determine The Timbre Of A Voice

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The timbre of the voice is very often called the color of the sound that comes from a particular person. For example, many people recognize their friends and acquaintances precisely by the timbre of their voice. Therefore, the definition of the type and timbre of the voice is quite an interesting and educational exercise.

How to determine the timbre of a voice
How to determine the timbre of a voice


voice, apparatus for determining the color of the voice


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Of course, the vocal tone depends not only on the ability to reproduce a certain number of octaves, but also on timbre, transition notes and other indicators of vocal abilities. More accurate data can be obtained using special equipment, which examines the outgoing sound as detailed as possible and classifies it in certain directions.

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The sound spectrometer receives the sound of the voice through a dedicated microphone and sound amplifier. Electro-acoustic filters break down sound into its component parts. All actions of the equipment can be seen on the available screen. Next, a formant study of the speech composition of the sound takes place, since speech formants directly affect the recognition of sounds. The first two or three vowels are of particular importance for the recognition of sounds, due to which it is possible to recognize different people with similar formants.

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The standard classification of voice types allows you to find out the timbre of a person's voice. The highest voices are considered to be soprano (for women) and tenor (for men). The middle and most common timbre of the human voice is mezzo-soprano (for women) and baritone (for men). A rather rare type of voice is contralto (for women) and bass (for men). The main types of voice, in turn, differ in pitch variation and the nature of the timbre of the voice, therefore it implies different subspecies (lyric baritone, bass-octavist, tenor-altino, dramatic tenor, etc.).

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