How To Remove A Love Spell From Yourself

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How To Remove A Love Spell From Yourself
How To Remove A Love Spell From Yourself

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A love spell is a magical ritual that causes a strong attraction to the one who bewitches. To remove a love spell, you can turn to the help of magicians and psychics, or you can try to carry out the ritual yourself.

How to remove a love spell from yourself
How to remove a love spell from yourself

How to recognize a love spell

You can recognize a love spell by some signs. The person who was bewitched changes suddenly, for no apparent reason. He feels a painful attraction to a certain person, and those who until recently were dear to him can drive away from himself and offend. Additional symptoms of magical effects: withdrawal, irritability, aggressiveness, alcohol problems, loss of appetite and interest in anything other than the object of passion.

Very often, a person himself cannot determine that he was bewitched. But if you have a suspicion, you can perform a ritual check. To do this, take a handful of salt, pour it into the pan and start heating, stirring constantly. If the salt suddenly darkens, there really was a magical effect on you.

How to remove a love spell yourself

Before starting the ritual of removal, get rid of all the things that remind you of the bewitching person. Any of his gifts can carry a magical charge that affects you. Also, look around your belongings - if you find sewn objects, pinned pins, etc., you should get rid of them too. Burn anything that seems suspicious to you and throw it away from your home.

It is necessary to carry out the ritual of removing the love spell in the evening. You will need a photograph of the object of passion, which must be wrapped tightly in paper, sealed and hidden in a basket of dirty laundry.

Wait until midnight, undress completely, light a wax candle and place it on the table. Place a cup of clean water next to it. After that, take the photograph out of the laundry and burn it on the candle fire. Rub the resulting ash on the chest in the area of ​​the heart and forehead.

Take a cup of water in your left hand, dip the index, middle and ring fingers of your right hand into it and say: "Teki is pure water, wash my body and my restless thoughts, cleanse my heart of love melancholy, wash away the melancholy sorrows with pure streams." Use wet fingers to trace across the chest and forehead, drawing crosses.

Rinse off the remaining ash in the bathroom without using a sponge and soap. Dry off with a clean cloth, put on a new shirt, and go to bed. In the morning, pour the remaining water with ash into the drain.

If relief after the ritual of removing the love spell did not come, this may be for two reasons. First, you do not have the magical abilities necessary to remove a love spell. The second is that the one who performed the ceremony is much stronger than you psychologically. In this case, you still have to seek help from a strong psychic.

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