How To Say That You Are A Virgin

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How To Say That You Are A Virgin
How To Say That You Are A Virgin

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There are many fears associated with the first sex in life. Psychological discomfort is added to the fear of pain. Girls are afraid of men's reactions to the news that she is still a virgin. The main thing is to choose a man who will help overcome all fears and complexes.

How to say that a virgin
How to say that a virgin

Why are girls afraid to talk about their virginity?

Society has for centuries elevated virginity to a cult. The girl's chastity has long been considered her main virtue. The 20th century brought a sexual revolution that turned many spiritual values ​​upside down. Girls begin to be ashamed of their virginity with the onset of a certain age. This "age limit" exists only in their head, because there are no medical criteria for assessing the optimal age of deprivation of virginity. It is clear that the age at which sex begins is a personal choice. Despite this, virgins often suffer from an inferiority complex against the background of more relaxed girlfriends.

The main fear that torments "age" virgins is that a man will think that no one needed her before him. In this case, you can appeal to the examples of recognized beauties. Sexy singer Jessica Simpson was married as a virgin at 22. Top model and Victoria Secret angel Adriana Lima has kept her innocence until 27 for her future husband and father of her children. Actress Lisa Kudrow, Phoebe from Friends, also married a virgin, she was 31 years old on her wedding day. See your virginity as a virtue, then men will treat it the same way.

Do you need to tell a guy that you are a virgin?

The man with whom you decide to lose your virginity should definitely know that he will be your first. At least in order to behave more tenderly and attentively. The fear that a man will run away upon hearing of virginity is unfounded. The overwhelming majority of men, on the contrary, will consider it an honor. From the first sex with a woman, whether she is a virgin or not, a man is unlikely to expect sexual experiments. Unless before that he has not seen you in some movie marked "only for adults."

You need to choose the right moment in order to inform the guy about your virginity. Option one is to tell in advance.

Naturally, this should not be the first or second date. If you feel that you are next to the man with whom you are ready to go further than with the rest of the fans, let him know about it. You can start a conversation with the fact that before you did not love anyone so much that you did not have a serious relationship, that you were waiting for the only one. A man in love will undoubtedly understand everything correctly. It will help create a relaxing environment for the first night of love. Candles, music, twilight. Alcohol is not prohibited. Naturally, not in such quantities that the next morning nothing will remain in your memory.

The phrase "And you know, I'm a virgin" can be reserved until the most crucial moment. The chances of a horny man running away buttoning his pants and leaving you alone on white sheets are nil. Just do not frighten him with the words that as an honest man, he will be obliged to marry after a night of love.

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