What Does The Expression "hardened Wolf" Mean?

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What Does The Expression "hardened Wolf" Mean?
What Does The Expression "hardened Wolf" Mean?

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A seasoned wolf is a common expression in Russian, which, however, is rarely used in its original sense. Most often it is used figuratively to characterize the life experience of a person.

What does expression mean
What does expression mean

Literal meaning

The wolf is a widespread animal in the world, which, despite the deep penetration of civilization into nature, still lives in the wild in most countries located on the continent of Eurasia, as well as in most of the territories of North America. He is a predator that experts in the field of animal studies usually classify as a canine. It is believed that it was the wolf who became the progenitor of all types of domestic dogs.

In turn, the second part of this stable phrase, the adjective "hardened", was also initially applied mainly to the animal world, and not only to wolves. In relation to animals, the use of this term usually means that it has reached full maturity - both sexual and social, that is, ready for an independent life and acquiring offspring.

As for the wolf, the age at which it reaches full maturity, that is, matures, in the wild is usually about 2, 5-3 years. Moreover, its weight at this point is most often at least 50 kilograms, but it can reach 70 or more kilograms. Thus, a hardened wolf is a large dangerous predator that can, under certain circumstances, pose a threat even to humans. However, under normal conditions, wolves usually feed on ungulates corresponding to their main habitat.

Figurative sense

In a figurative sense, the expression "seasoned wolf" is usually used with a slightly different shade of meaning: the adjective "mature" in this case most often means "experienced", "experienced", "who has seen life." At the same time, the use of this adjective, together with such an animal as a wolf, which is a dangerous predator, gives this expression an additional semantic coloring.

Thus, in most cases, the phrase "hardened wolf" is used in relation to people who have rich life experience and are able to apply it in practice to achieve their own, sometimes selfish goals. At the same time, however, it cannot be said that this expression has a pronounced negative connotation: rather, it expresses respect for people who, thanks to their personal qualities, are able to achieve a lot in life.

The portrait of a person who can be designated by the phrase "hardened wolf" is often quite close to describing people involved in business or politics, so its use can often be found in application to people from these areas of activity.

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