Why Are Wolves Afraid Of Flags?

Why Are Wolves Afraid Of Flags?
Why Are Wolves Afraid Of Flags?

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The wolf is a predatory and dangerous creature. It is often described as a real nightmare for any person. Some worship him as a noble and fearless beast worthy of respect. But what are these flags that he fears?

Why are wolves afraid of flags?
Why are wolves afraid of flags?

The wolf hunt is quite varied. One of the options is to surround the area of ​​the forest where the wolf pack is driven with red flags. For some reason, when trying to escape from this circle, the wolves shy away from the red pieces of cloth and walk along them, trying to find a way out. Hunters are on guard around the perimeter and shoot such scouts here.

The flags themselves are low twigs with triangular pieces of red nylon fabric. The flags are stuck in the ground or snow, not too far apart. Approximately 60-80 cm. Or, as an option, a nylon cord is stretched at a level of 25 cm above the ground, and flags are hung on it. This method is used less often.

It's strange, it seems like it's clear that these are harmless twigs and rags, why can't the wolves escape? But with a bear, for example, this method of hunting would not work.

There is a myth that wolves mistake flags for fire because of their color. But this is not the case. In wolves, vision is black and white and they see everything in shades of gray. So the flags can be either yellow or green - they are made red for the convenience of hunters.

The secret lies elsewhere. I must say that wolves are one of the most cautious predators. Therefore, they survive more often than other animals. But in this case, it is their caution that plays a cruel joke on them.

The flags smell like a hunter. Wolves know man as the one who can destroy them. In contrast to all the stories about how wolves steal sheep, drag poultry from the yard, or even steal a child, if all this happened, then a very long time ago. When man and wolf were on an equal footing.

Even if the wolf ate the smell of a person, everything is early for him an unfamiliar smell, which means that it is initially dangerous. By the way, a similar method of hunting was invented a long time ago and at first various unnecessary items and just twigs were used. Hunters improved - and this is how modern flags with a strictly defined shape and size appeared.

However, this method of hunting is not always successful. Desperate wolves are ready to risk breaking out of this vicious circle by jumping over the line marked with red cloth. Such wolves and two lines of flags will not stop.

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