What Is Blown Gold

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What Is Blown Gold
What Is Blown Gold
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Often in jewelry stores, you can see bulky gold jewelry, which cost several times cheaper than similar items of a smaller size. There is no doubt - in front of you is gold, only blown. The product made of it is only a golden shell, which is not filled with anything.

What is blown gold
What is blown gold


The main difference between products made of blown gold from their full-fledged "counterparts" is the production technology. Traditional gold jewelry is made from a single piece of wire, while hollow jewelry is made using a wire of base metal, which is plated with gold on top. As a result of subsequent chemical processes, the metal base is removed, and only one gold shell remains. By the way, this method allows you to get jewelry that is no less beautiful than those made in the traditional way.

Some buyers mistakenly believe that hollow rings, chains and earrings are inferior in quality to full-weight ones. In fact, with the right technological process and proper control by the quality control department, inflated jewelry is no worse. When properly manufactured, they can satisfy the needs of even the most discerning customer.

Advantages and disadvantages of blown gold

Blown gold is a fertile ground for the work of a master jeweler. Very often charming and unique products are obtained from it, which, despite their rather impressive dimensions, weigh practically nothing.

The main advantage of blown gold jewelry is that they are several times cheaper, since they do not have precious "insides". That is why, for the same amount of money, you can buy several blown gold chains instead of one full-weight.

The main disadvantage of this kind of products is fragility. According to the standards, blown gold must retain its shape under a load of up to 15 kg. Unfortunately, GOSTs are observed only at some manufacturing enterprises, so it is better not to expose chains and earrings to unjustified risk, because if you carelessly treat them, defects may appear. In general, it is not recommended to stay in such jewelry during sleep or intense physical activity. Blown gold jewelry is not meant for everyday wear. They are created to emphasize the significance and solemnity of life events.

When choosing a pendant and a chain made of blown gold, you need to adhere to a simple rule: the weight of the pendant is equal to 30% of the weight of the chain, and in the case of a long chain - 50%. Subject to the rules for the operation of hollow jewelry, they will last more than one year and will become a very successful and inexpensive acquisition for their owners.

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