How Is The Parcel Going

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How Is The Parcel Going
How Is The Parcel Going

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When making purchases in foreign online stores, everyone wants to be sure that he will receive the purchased goods on time and intact. In order to track the path of a postal item, it is advisable to have at least a general idea of ​​what stages of delivery the parcel goes through on its way to the addressee.

How is the parcel going
How is the parcel going


Step 1

International postal items are conventionally divided into registered, which can be tracked, and unregistered, for which such an opportunity is not provided. Parcels include postal items weighing over 2 kg. As a rule, they all pass the appropriate registration.

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You should be aware that in the country of departure, a registered parcel is assigned a unique number, usually consisting of thirteen items, which are used when tracking through special services. When a postal item arrives in Russia, the country's postal service assigns it its own number for internal accounting and settlements with the operator of the foreign country from which the parcel came.

Step 3

The first stage in the movement of a parcel consists in its following through the territory of the country of the sender. At this stage of shipment, the shipment is received, sorted, cleared at customs and the actual export. When a parcel arrives in Russia, all actions take place in the reverse order and include import, customs clearance, sorting operations, delivery to a specific settlement and delivery of the parcel to the recipient.

Step 4

It can take a long time between the export and import of a parcel. On average, the duration of this intermediate stage is about two weeks, although in some cases it can be more than one and a half months. This period depends on the type of postal item, on the country from which the parcel is sent, and even on the time of year.

Step 5

Postal services of different countries have their peak periods when postal employees work in a very real emergency mode. Typically, the postal service peaks during national holidays. During these periods, it is better to refrain from forwarding postal items. Usually, it takes about three weeks for international parcels to be delivered to Russia from any country.

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