How To Find The Roots Of Your Last Name

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How To Find The Roots Of Your Last Name
How To Find The Roots Of Your Last Name

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Every day more and more people are beginning to be interested in some kind of genealogical information. You can easily find out the roots of a surname today if you create a clear intention.

How to find the roots of your last name
How to find the roots of your last name


Step 1

Contact your relatives first. Grandmothers, grandfathers, great-grandmothers, great-grandfathers, as well as other relatives of the older generations can help you. Record all information carefully on paper. You can even arrange the collected facts into a family tree, the first two branches of which will be your father and mother.

Step 2

Pay attention to the carriers of your last name, that is, the male representatives among the relatives. It may also be women who wished not to change their father's surname to their husband's, although this is extremely rare. Trace, perhaps, the surname, passing from generation to generation, was somehow transformed. Very often, such cases occurred due to the fact that the registry office employee actually made a mistake in spelling his own name when the newborn was registered. For example, instead of "Karobchenko", the entry "Korobchenko" appeared.

Step 3

Take the oldest version of the surname that you can dig up and analyze it. Several factors should be noted here. The surname can reflect the occupation of your ancestors. For example, such an option as the Kolesnikovs suggests that your forefathers were engaged in the manufacture of wheels for wooden carts. Other possible variations could be the features of appearance due to which your surname was born, for example, Nogin or Glazov. Perhaps your ancient relatives received a nickname, which grew into a surname, thanks to military ranks, titles of nobility, character traits, longevity, the number of children, or other signs. From here such surnames could appear as Officers, Korolev, Zlobin, Starovoitov, Bezdetnov and others.

Step 4

Seek the help of professionals who specialize in the study of the origin of surnames, for example, in the Society of Lovers of Russian History. On the site for a small amount you can solve a pressing issue. You can also try your luck on the resource, where they will also help you find out the roots of your surname.

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