What You Can Learn Over The Summer

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What You Can Learn Over The Summer
What You Can Learn Over The Summer

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Three months, a little over ninety days, a whole little life. When you're on vacation or summer vacation, time flies by. After a long time, you wonder how you missed a useful opportunity to do something good for yourself or loved ones. Learn something useful or just interesting.

Summer hobby
Summer hobby

What can you learn in 90 days? To begin with, it is worth evaluating the daylight saving time itself. It is warm, sun, fresh air. You should not lock yourself in four walls, unless it is necessary or due to circumstances. It is better to pay attention to outdoor activities, what will require you to leave the house, communicate with people, and so on. Being open to the whole world is not so easy at first, and then it captures to the end.

TOP 10 activities for the summer

From all the summer activities, in the course of long deliberation, shrugging, wrinkling your forehead and making a smart face, a small list of ten most interesting positions came out. So first place

The TOP 10 presented are just a small part of what you can do, from collecting stamps to cycling.

Skateboarding - Suitable for teens to moderately intermediate ages. Requires a lot of space, takes place outdoors, promotes health and communication with people.

Playing the guitar - have you been planning for a long time and haven’t gotten your hands on it? It's time to get the instrument out of the dusty closet and remember the first chords. In three months, you can learn to play very well with proper practice.

Learning a language - Japanese or Chinese is unlikely to go with you during this time, but English is quite. Alternatively, you can study Esperanto. It is believed that it is very easy for those who already know the basics of other languages.

Books - read everything that you have put off for a long time. How about fresh air? No problem, do it at the dacha in the yard on a swing or on a playground, on a park bench - everything is at your service!

Blind typing is a very useful skill and takes a long time to master. This is also useful for your future profession if it is related to typing.

Photography - do not forget that in summer it is very beautiful, especially outside the city. Equip yourself with a camera, not even a professional one, and go ahead to meet unexpected shots. In winter there will be something to remember.

Dancing and dancing again - if you are young at heart and your body asks for a warm-up after a long winter, an incendiary samba, an elegant rumba or a passionate paso doble will do.

Modeling - pottery perfectly calms, adjusts to harmony with nature and the surrounding world. You will have a great time, make new acquaintances in the circle in the classroom. And you might find yourself an antidepressant on cold winter evenings.

Engaging in potato battles - this will require a special air gun and a group of like-minded people. A great alternative to computer games!

Think about health and quit some bad habits. You will not be distracted by work, no stress, communication with nature - parting, for example, with a cigarette, will be painless for you and those around you.

Don't waste a minute

Time flies, flies, rushes very quickly.

The most important secret of any successful business is not to delay!

And the seemingly long 90 days ahead will pass very quickly. Start planning your vacation or vacation now, so as not to regret a wasted summer in winter.

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