How To Change Your Destiny With Prayers

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How To Change Your Destiny With Prayers
How To Change Your Destiny With Prayers
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Many people want to change their destiny. Someone prefers active actions contrary to fate, someone waits until everything changes by itself, and some resort to prayers. So can you change your destiny through prayers?

How to change your destiny with prayers
How to change your destiny with prayers

What is prayer

There are many definitions of the word "prayer". According to one of them, prayer presupposes the presence of faith in the existence of the invisible world and is an appeal to its deity, verbal or mental, with a request, thanksgiving or glorification.

It makes no sense to talk about whether there is a point in prayers, and whether they can change something in your life, since each person decides for himself what to believe and what not. Those who believe will undoubtedly claim that prayers help them live, while skeptics will give these merits only to themselves.

Regardless of your faith, there are many prayers and rituals dedicated to changing your fate.

Rituals and prayers dedicated to the change of fate

One example is the rite of change of fate. To do this, at dawn, you need to go to your favorite body of water and find an open place there. After that, collect brushwood and make a fire. The ritual uses quaternary salt. As a rule, it is cooked on Wednesday to Thursday night. Since ancient times, it was cooked in ovens based on rock salt, to which was added kvass grounds, cabbage leaves and spicy herbs.

With the salt prepared in this way, it is necessary to make a circle with a diameter of three meters so that the fire is in the middle. After this, the prayer "Our Father" should be read. Then you need to cross the circle and, facing the fire, say: "O Righteous God, Heavenly Father, All-Merciful, hear the request of Your servant (name) and help me correct my unhappy fate. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, grant the salvation of the soul my. Amen. Amen. Amen."

Also one of the most famous is the ritual before the icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. To carry it out, three icons are needed: Jesus Christ the Almighty, the Mother of God and Nicholas the Wonderworker, and forty small wax candles.

It is necessary to put the icons on an empty table, in front of them it is worth attaching candles. After that, prayers are read: "Our Father" - once, ten times - "Theotokos", and once any prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker. The ceremony must necessarily be carried out alone, and during it you cannot be distracted and get up.

Our life is a constant struggle between good and evil. It is believed that a person decides his own destiny and chooses his own path. And which path you choose, the path of God's truth or the path of sin, is up to you. Prayers can be your constant helper in difficult situations, but you should not completely rely on them alone.

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