How To Dial A Moscow Number

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How To Dial A Moscow Number
How To Dial A Moscow Number

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Due to the fact that the population of the city of Moscow is constantly growing, the government has to take measures to provide telephone communications for all subscribers who need it. For this, the capital was divided into two zones. Home phone users on one half have the code 499 and the other 495.

How to dial a Moscow number
How to dial a Moscow number


Step 1

How to dial a Moscow number? If you call from one Moscow apartment, the phone code of which is 495, to another, where the phone code is 499, you need to proceed as follows:

1. Dial 8

2. Dial the code 499

3. Subscriber's number.

Now telephone networks have been modernized in almost all districts of Moscow and the Moscow Region. And now you do not need to wait for a dial tone after the number 8. If after dialing the eight there is silence - just enter the numbers further.

Step 2

If your code is 499, then the dialing procedure is the same, only you will need to dial 8-495 and the subscriber's number. From any other city in Russia, calls to Moscow are made in the same way. The main thing is to clarify which code (495 or 499) the person has on the other end of the wire. Otherwise, you risk not getting through, or getting to the wrong place.

Step 3

When calling from a landline phone number with the 495 code to another landline phone with the same code, you do not need to dial 495. Only seven digits of the called party number are entered. But for subscribers with a dialing code 499 it is obligatory to dial it even when making calls within the zone.

Step 4

If you are calling Moscow from abroad, you need to dial a few more numbers. First you dial the code of Russia - 7. Then the code of the city of Moscow (499 or 495). Then seven digits of the subscriber's phone number. In some countries, for calls abroad, a few more digits are required before the country and area codes. Check with the receiving party for the required procedure.

Step 5

Calls from mobile phones are no different from calls from a landline. The order of dialing numbers is the same. There is only one peculiarity. Dialing the area code 495 or 499 is mandatory in any case.

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