Stereotypes About Germans

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Stereotypes About Germans
Stereotypes About Germans

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Perhaps, there are a number of stereotypes about each nation that do not really correspond to reality. The Germans are no exception. They are said to be callous, painfully punctual and lacking a sense of humor. But is this true?

Stereotypes about Germans
Stereotypes about Germans

The Germans are greedy

There is an opinion that the Germans are terrible greedy people, and it is from the representatives of this nation that you cannot question snow in winter. But if you look at the situation from the other side, then this same quality can be called reasonable frugality. The Germans have no need to waste money to show their wealth. They don’t buy the most popular cars, don’t wear famous designers, and they don’t go to the most luxurious restaurant if they don’t see it necessary. In addition, the Russians could probably surpass the Germans in practicality, being able to exist at a cost of living and putting aside a lot of unnecessary things "just in case."

Germans are inhospitable

Preparing for the arrival of guests, a Russian person often puts the best on the table. He spends several hours preparing delicious dishes, for the last money he buys expensive alcohol. A German can do it easier. Coming to his house, you run the risk of finding chips and sandwiches, and you may even be asked to bring a drink with you. This is because in Germany the company gathers primarily in order to communicate. In Russia, it would seem, too, but for some reason the owner and especially the hostess consider themselves obliged to impress the guests with culinary skills.

Germans are neat

The myth that the Germans are all creepy neatists was successfully debunked by the Polish woman Justyna Polanska, who worked as a cleaner in German houses for twelve years. After analyzing all her accumulated experience, she wrote a book "Under the German Bed", in which she talked about her findings - the corpses of hamsters, missing teeth, clipped nails and other things stored under the beds of people in Germany.

German women are ugly

All German women are ugly and do not know how to dress - another popular stereotype about the inhabitants of Germany. If you compare a German and a Russian girl, the latter will turn out to be much more elegant, while the former usually chooses comfortable clothes, shoes without heels, and no or a minimum of makeup. German ladies do not constantly strive to look as if at any moment they might meet a handsome prince who will invite them to an expensive club, and you need to be ready for this. Their motto is simplicity and convenience. Considering how little time and effort most girls from Germany invest in their appearance, they look pretty decent, and it's not a fact that a Russian girl in blue jeans, a simple turtleneck and with a minimum of makeup would be more attractive.

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