What Do Our Dreams Mean

What Do Our Dreams Mean
What Do Our Dreams Mean

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People spend a little less than half of their lives in sleep. People dream every night, but they are not completely remembered. Vague images mean practically nothing, so you should pay attention to memorable and vivid moments.

What do our dreams mean
What do our dreams mean

Sometimes people see scary, stupid, unexpected, or even funny events in their dreams. Waking up, I just want to find its interpretation in the dream book and find out what such a dream conceals in itself. Perhaps it contains some kind of prophetic meaning. It is worth noting that people have been engaged in deciphering dreams since ancient times. Plots were taken into account when explaining current and past events, as well as to predict the future.

It is believed that dreams have a certain physiological basis, which consists in the alternation of excitation and inhibition of brain functions. You seem to recall the events that you experienced during the day, but this process takes place in fragments, that is, randomly. Therefore, sometimes there is no sequence and logic in dreams. Dreams consist not only of what they saw, but also of experiences, feelings and emotions experienced during the day. To everything else, signals about diseases of some organs are added. Therefore, it is rather difficult to decipher the dream seen and is possible only by an experienced interpreter.

Dreams should not be taken literally, as they are symbolic. If you dreamed that you cheated on your other half or beat someone, this does not mean that you want it or would do it in life. The appearance in the plot of some domineering character usually symbolizes the parents. A great desire to start something is carried out in a dream through the water: you are swimming or leaving the water.

Traveling on any transport symbolizes the presence of your fears, from which you seek to protect yourself and escape. But to see live fish in a pond - to sexual relations or their logical results - pregnancy. Exotic fruits foreshadow a lyrical relationship that can grow into something more. Salt, pepper, and garlic are signs of ill health or displeasure. Bow - to a quarrel.

Seeing yourself in a dream at the stove or cooking a variety of dishes suggests that you will certainly change your life for the better, no matter what foods you dreamed about. Drinking clean and clear water is a harbinger of health or a love affair, and milk should alert you - this is evidence of indecision and lack of independence. Drinking wine means great prosperity, being drunk means increasing wealth.

To see something round in a dream (wheel, ball, sun, etc.) - you have achieved harmony in some important matter or life. If you are wandering in a labyrinth, this dream is a reflection of daytime fears, experiences or complexes. Most likely, at this stage of your life there is an insoluble situation that is not visible, but requires serious work. I dreamed of death (yours or a loved one) - do not be afraid, often such a dream means a transformation of character and personality, internal growth and the stage of rebirth.

Dreams are endless sources of information. You can decipher them yourself, for this there are a huge number of dream books. The most famous of them are the dream books of Miller, Nostradamus, according to Freud, Old Russian and others.

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