6 Habits Of Poor People

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6 Habits Of Poor People
6 Habits Of Poor People
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Poverty is more a state of mind than a wallet. What is “temporary financial hardship” for successful and self-confident people becomes a lifestyle for others. And the habits of poor people prevent them from changing their lives for the better and consolidating their incomes.

6 habits of poor people
6 habits of poor people


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Self-pity and constant comparison with others. The poor man is used to thinking of himself as a loser worthy of pity. He does not notice his own successes, he compares himself with others and constantly finds reasons why his life did not work out. Some were helped to get on their feet by rich parents or a successful marriage. Someone was "just lucky." Someone “cuts coupons” thanks to their imposing appearance and well-hanging tongue. The poor man is not trying to pave the way to success, he is sure that it is closed to him. And this becomes a powerful barrier to development.

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Confidence that money is happiness. The poor person is convinced that money and only money can act as a measure of success. This is the main thing in life, and without a solid bank account, you cannot be happy. While successful people know for sure that success is not measured in currency, that everyone has their own terms of happiness, and that peace of mind and the ability to enjoy every minute of life cannot be bought or sold.

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Striving for savings in everything. Choosing cheaper products (and preferably at a discount), wearing jeans to holes and only after that go for new ones, saving on gifts to friends and family, counting every penny and deny yourself everything you can do without - this is not a sign of worldly wisdom and reasonable relationship to finance. This is just an indicator of a painful obsession with a lack of funds. People who are programmed for success part with money easier, and they are sure that earned money will come in place of what was spent.

Step 4

The habit of prioritizing immediate benefit. A poor man will always pick a tit in his hand, but right now, even if the chances of catching a crane within a month are off the charts. And he will go to work in a one-day company, tempted by a higher salary, and not to a starting position in a large holding company with excellent growth prospects. He is interested in how much he will receive this month - not what his income may be in a year or two. And, of course, he has zero chances of becoming a millionaire by creating and "promoting" his own business.

Step 5

Life on one financial day. A poor person never has "free" money (even if he received an unexpected bonus or won a large sum in the lottery). He is used to making ends meet and instantly spends all the additional income on "plugging holes." A poor-minded person will never be able to save money by forming a "safety cushion". Hence - the constant uncertainty about the future, the risk of being left without funds in the event of a job loss, and the inevitable credit bondage in the event of any unforeseen expenses.

Step 6

Distance from family. The desire to minimize communication with relatives, the loss of internal ties with relatives is another habit of the poor. In the meantime, relatives are exactly those people who can support in a difficult situation, help to believe in themselves and cope with troubles - and get on the path leading to success.

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