How Not To Hear Snoring

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How Not To Hear Snoring
How Not To Hear Snoring
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Lack of sleep significantly affects people, making them inattentive and irritable. It can also stimulate the development of various diseases. However, even if you come home and go to bed early, you may not be able to get enough sleep if you have someone who snores with you.

How not to hear snoring
How not to hear snoring


  • - earplugs, cotton wool;
  • - player.


Step 1

"He sleeps in a heroic dream" - this is how they say about people who are difficult to wake up until the morning: they do not hear anything and do not react to stimuli. Observe yourself, note what time you want to sleep the most. Usually there are several such peaks. Go to bed not when you need to, but when you start to feel sleepy. If you missed the peak at nine, go to bed at twelve when the next one comes. As a result, you will fall into deep sleep as soon as your head touches the pillow and snoring will not bother you.

Step 2

Try to fall asleep before your snoring partner. If you agree with him that he will go to bed later than you and will try not to interrupt your sleep, the problem will be solved. If your partner is sensitive enough, he may try to fight sleep on his own until he knows from measured breathing that you are asleep.

Step 3

If you like to fall asleep to music, try going to bed with your player. The sounds of your favorite melody pouring right into your ears will help you relax and fall asleep, and you simply will not hear snoring behind them.

Step 4

Try to come up with positive associations with your loved one snoring. Perhaps it reminds you of the roar of the waves beating against the rocks. Imagine that you are on the seashore, breathing fresh air, looking at the raging sea. The measured rumble of the waves soothes you and you fall asleep.

Step 5

Buy earplugs. They will reliably protect your sleep from snoring bursting into it. If you have not yet reached the store, you can simply plug your ears with pieces of cotton wool.

Step 6

If you sleep with the snoring person in separate rooms, increase the soundproofing between them. Fill up the cracks, close the interior doors at night, hang a carpet on the wall. If you are planning to make repairs, then use sound-absorbing materials. Rough-coated furniture can be placed along the adjacent wall - it will also absorb sound.

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