How To Live Playfully

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How To Live Playfully
How To Live Playfully

Video: How To Live Playfully

Video: How To Live Playfully
Video: Playfulness and Passion | Sadhguru 2023, March

You can live in different ways. For some, life is a series of endless problems and worries. And someone, on the contrary, lives playfully, easily and carefree. All difficulties seem to bypass such a person - he sincerely loves life and enjoys it in its entirety.

How to live playfully
How to live playfully

Is it difficult to live playfully? Someone will say that such an opportunity exists only for rich people - and they will be wrong. To live playfully means simply to treat yourself and the world around you differently, not like the vast majority of people do. The ease and carelessness of life is primarily associated with the consciousness of a person, with the ability to determine one's life values.

Change yourself - and the world around you will change

There are many very authoritative teachings that claim that it is consciousness that determines being. For example, some person complains about his poverty, cannot afford anything. But he is poor not because he does not have a good high-paying job, but because he considers himself poor. At the same time, at the level of thinking, he constantly emphasizes his status as a poor person. For example, he eats the cheapest food - "How can I afford something expensive, because I have so little money!" She never helps anyone with money - "I would give, but I myself live in poverty!"

Thought is material, many sages talked about it and are still talking about it. Considering himself poor, a person himself maintains such a situation - the world simply answers him to his thoughts and gives what a person thinks about. He does not dream, but precisely states the current state of affairs. “I’m poor! I'm unhappy! I have a lot of problems! " - the man cries out, and the world agrees with him - "Yes, you are poor, you are unhappy, you have a lot of problems."

Understanding this mechanism is one of the main keys to changing your life. It is not in vain that the life of optimists is brighter, more interesting, richer in pleasant events than the existence of pessimists. Change your view of yourself and the world around you, state your new status (even if it is not there yet) - and everything will change!

Learning to live easily

Remember the great strategist Ostap Bender - he did not lose heart even in the most difficult situations. Why? Because Bender truly enjoyed life. And this points to the second key to an interesting and fulfilling life - the process is more important than the result!

This moment is incredibly important. For the Player - with a capital letter - it is the process that is primary. When a professional gambler comes to a casino, he does not go for money, but for the pleasure he gets from the game. Winning becomes just a nice addition.

This principle should be applied in ordinary life as well. The focus on the result erases the current moment from a person's life, kills life itself. A person is all in the future - he thinks that when he achieves something, achieves, gets something, then he will really heal. But this is an illusion - in the pursuit of the future, life passes by him.

Learn to live in the moment and everything will change. Plan for the future, but don't waste the present moment. Live Here and Now, do not waste a moment - and you will see how magical your life will become. The very lightness that you dreamed of will come into it. You will no longer be tormented by problems, because problems do not exist in the Here and Now - you will deal with them as they arise in the current moment.

Start loving the very process of what you are doing. Try, for a start, just walking down the street, paying attention to the current sensations. Do not analyze what you saw and heard - just perceive everything in its entirety, as a single indivisible block of information that does not need to be comprehended. Let your mind rest - just be in the present moment, in the current sensations. And you will understand how great it is.

To live in the moment is to live to the fullest. Having learned this, you will love life, and it will love you. Your thinking will change, and therefore your reality. The world around you will become very pleasant, harmonious, filled with a host of interesting events and opportunities. Any tasks will be solved easily, playfully. And even if something does not work out, you will not attach any importance to it. Because the Game itself, the enjoyment of the process, and not the final result, will become important to you.

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