How To Send Reports By Mail

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How To Send Reports By Mail
How To Send Reports By Mail

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In accordance with article 80, paragraph 2 in the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, you can send reports on expenses and income using the Russian Post. Declarations are sent only in a valuable letter, in an envelope with a list of attachments, confirmed by a post office employee.

How to send reports by mail
How to send reports by mail


Step 1

In order to send reports to the regional tax office, go to the nearest branch of the Russian Post. Select the type of document envelope. It is better if it is made of thick cardboard or even plastic. Packaging for sending valuable correspondence can be of different formats, you will surely find the right one.

Step 2

Write in the required lines on the front of the envelope the exact address of the tax office with a zip code. You need to indicate the city, street name, house and tax authority number. Items "name of the sender" and "Return address" are also required. Enter in the lines the real (actual) address of your company, the name of the department and your own last name, first name and patronymic. All information must be written correctly. It is best to indicate it in block letters.

Step 3

Place a sufficient number of stamps in the upper right corner of the envelope. The cost of sending a letter depends on its value, distance and urgency of sending.

Step 4

Do not seal the documents themselves. The employee of the point of dispatch and delivery of correspondence is obliged to check what papers are in stock. Then he himself will make an inventory, list the reporting documents, put everything in an envelope and seal it. The letter will be assigned an individual identification number. Then it will be added to the valuable shipments database.

Step 5

Each post office has a special window for sending registered and valuable letters. Find him. Show your passport to the registrar to accept your shipment. He will enter the base series and number of the document, as well as the address by registration and last name, first name, patronymic. This is done so that in case of non-delivery of reports to the tax office, they are immediately returned to the owner. In addition to a general civil passport, you can present: - a passport for traveling abroad; - a military ID; - a certificate of a member of the Federation Council or a Deputy of the State Duma; - an identity card with a visa stamp of the Russian Federation or a national passport; - a residence permit.

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