How To Find A Freight Forwarder

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How To Find A Freight Forwarder
How To Find A Freight Forwarder

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As a rule, the reliability of logistics processes in the company, the safety of goods and the loyalty of counterparties depend on the driver-forwarder. Finding a reliable candidate for this position is not always easy. Experience, qualifications, responsibility, the ability to navigate the city and get out of difficult situations - many requirements are imposed on the driver-freight forwarder.

How to find a freight forwarder
How to find a freight forwarder


  • - the Internet;
  • - newspapers;
  • - contacting a recruiting agency.


Step 1

Make a list of the criteria that you set for freight forwarders. Identify the key requirements: from work experience and driving categories to personal qualities and no bad habits. You can use this document as a template for posting announcements, interviewing and subsequent job descriptions.

Step 2

Browse the available resumes on the internet. In this case, you can pre-study the candidates, inquire about each of them, and also avoid time-consuming pre-selection.

Step 3

Submit the most informative ad on job search sites and similar newspapers. List the requirements for candidates, indicate the salary level and the expected functionality. The clearer and more detailed your ad is, the fewer unnecessary calls you will expect.

Step 4

Apply to a recruiting agency. In this case, you will have to pay for the selection of a candidate, however, as a result, you will receive certain guarantees of the reliability of the proposed personnel. While working with a recruiting company, you can make more stringent search requirements, since, as a rule, agency databases do not include random and unverified candidates.

Step 5

View advertisements for truck owners who provide freight forwarding services. Most of them are self-employed and have excellent experience in the field. Offer them a permanent job at your company or ask your colleagues for advice. In addition, in this case, you will be able to carry out activities using the transport of a driver-forwarder.

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