How To Draw Up Documents For Destruction

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How To Draw Up Documents For Destruction
How To Draw Up Documents For Destruction

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Expired documents stored in the archive are subject to destruction, which is carried out in several stages. First, the selection of documents is carried out, a commission is created, an act is drawn up and direct destruction takes place on shredders.

How to draw up documents for destruction
How to draw up documents for destruction


  • - act of destruction;
  • - act of destruction;
  • - shredder (paper shredding machine).


Step 1

All archival documents are subject to annual revision in order to select for destruction. This makes it possible to free up space in a timely manner for new documents received from enterprises for archival storage.

Step 2

Select documents for destruction. Most of the archival documents have been kept for 75 years. The selection of documents is carried out by the staff of the archive.

Step 3

After you have made the selection of documents, draw up an act of destruction. An act is a complete inventory of documents to be destroyed. It is necessary to indicate the serial number of each document, a description. In front of each document, indicate the number of the article or regulatory document on the basis of which the write-off is made. Be guided by the list of typical documents.

Step 4

Keep in mind that the list may not contain the name of all the documents to be written off, so the archivist must independently decide which article or standard provision a particular document belongs to.

Step 5

The act of destruction must be drawn up in accordance with Appendix No. 4 "On the basic rules for the operation of archives" for 2002. The completed document must be signed by all members of the created commission and an authorized representative of the archive administration.

Step 6

Attach another act to the executed act, in which indicate the total number of documents to be destroyed, as well as their total weight. Do not forget that the first act without the second is considered invalid. And if such a violation is found during the check, an administrative fine may be imposed on the responsible representative of your archive.

Step 7

You can entrust the direct destruction to a specialized organization that provides mass services of this kind and has industrial shredders, or you can carry out the destruction yourself if your organization has its own shredder.

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