Where Is Kaiser Technology Made?

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Where Is Kaiser Technology Made?
Where Is Kaiser Technology Made?

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The modern consumer of home appliances has already learned how to make the right choice of home helpers and prefers brands whose quality has been verified by many years of customer experience. One of these brands that are respected and trusted by customers is the German brand Kaiser.

Where is Kaiser technology made?
Where is Kaiser technology made?

The owner of the Kaiser trademark is the German concern OLAN-Haushaltsgeraеte. On the territory of Russia and the CIS countries, household appliances of this company appeared at the end of the last - the beginning of this century and in such a short time managed to earn the trust of buyers. A wide range of various home appliances allows each client to choose exactly the model that meets all his requirements.

All household appliances that enter the territory of the Commonwealth countries and the Baltic countries must be certified and tested for compliance with all European standards and quality requirements. Cases of non-compliance of the products of this brand with one or several parameters were extremely rare, which once again confirms its quality and the traditional German commitment to fulfilling promises.

Where is Kaiser technology made?

But despite the fact that the company - the manufacturer and owner of the Kaiser brand is registered in Germany, in Berlin, on the packaging of its products there is no mark “made in Germany”. The fact is that the production workshops are located outside this country and the German origin of household appliances is confirmed only by the place of registration of the company.

The workshops of the company are located on the territory of many countries in Europe, Asia and even America. Thus, the manufacturer reduces the cost of delivering its products, that is, it fights for its low cost and, accordingly, an acceptable price in retail outlets.

Over the past 15 years, the German concern OLAN-Haushaltsgeraеte has opened its workshops in Poland, Russia, in several CIS countries, in China, Korea, and the Kaiser factories in the USA have almost half a century of history. In addition, all over the world there are service centers of the company, where specialists provide services for the maintenance and repair of the manufacturer's household appliances. That is, the company not only produces fairly high-quality goods, but also creates new jobs.

What Kaiser Produces

In the arsenal of the manufacturer Kaiser there is a huge selection of equipment and related products necessary for a comfortable human life. For example, they produce almost everything for kitchen needs: from stoves, hobs and hoods to refrigerators of various modifications.

In addition, under the Kaiser brand, they also produce plumbing devices - taps, sinks, washing machines and dishwashers, ovens and microwave ovens, clothes, cars, construction equipment and components for them, and even household chemicals.

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