Organization Of Commemoration

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Organization Of Commemoration
Organization Of Commemoration
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The death of a loved one is a great grief. But, according to tradition, it is the closest relatives and friends of the deceased who should organize a commemoration - a memorable dinner in his honor. This event has its own conditions and traditions that you need to know.

Organization of commemoration
Organization of commemoration


Step 1

Select the date of the commemoration. According to tradition, they are appointed on the day of the funeral, that is, three days after death.

Step 2

Decide how many people will attend the event. It depends on this, for example, whether it will be possible to hold a commemoration at home or whether it will be necessary to order a hall for their holding. Moreover, if a lot of people come to the cemetery itself, you do not have to invite everyone. It depends on the wishes of the relatives, but the closest people are usually present at the commemoration.

Step 3

If you decide to hold a commemoration outside the house, order a room for this. There are many cafes and restaurants that offer similar services. During cremation, it is also possible to use the funeral halls owned by the crematorium.

Step 4

Specify the rental price and other conditions: for how long the hall will be yours, will there be other groups of people holding the commemoration. Also find out the cost of the memorial dinner per person and what dishes the meal will consist of. According to tradition, there must be kutia on the table - a special dish made of rice and raisins. Also find out if you need to buy alcohol at the catering establishment itself or if you can bring it with you. In this case, you can save a lot, since the trade markup for alcoholic beverages in restaurants is very high.

Step 5

After the first commemoration directly on the day of the funeral, they are usually organized two more times - on the ninth and fortieth day of death. These events are associated with the medieval perception by Christians of the path of the soul to heaven. These commemorations are usually held at home and in a narrower circle. Just like at the first commemoration, people remember the deceased and tell what they remember about him. Relatives can prepare food for these memorial dinners themselves or order at a restaurant.

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