How To Beautify A Grave In A Cemetery

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How To Beautify A Grave In A Cemetery
How To Beautify A Grave In A Cemetery

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According to established traditions, the relatives of the deceased try to decorate his grave in the best possible way, and sometimes even add some flavor. Based on the available means and desire, you can equip this place in a simple classic style without frills, or show acceptable imagination and highlight the grave against the general background.

Grave improvement
Grave improvement

Most often, the design of such a specific place includes only the most necessary elements: a fence, a monument, a flower garden. However, if you have an additional amount of money, you can increase the number of decorations and choose better quality products.

Starting the improvement of the grave, it will not be superfluous to resolve the issue of the convenience of certain components. For example, if you are planning a flower bed, you need to take into account the constant need to plant flowers, get rid of grass and weeds, and the fence will require periodic painting.

Fence and monument

A small fence or fence is a "necessary" attribute of the grave. The installation of such a structure will make it possible to clearly outline its boundaries and prevent accidental visits from uninvited guests. For example, people or any animals passing by may inadvertently trample the planted flowers or simply step on the grave.

The monument itself is most often made in the classical form, however, if desired, special expensive materials are used: marble and granite look very beautiful and majestic. Tombstones can be created as figures or even as a statue. A photograph in the form of a portrait applied to the monument will serve as a special type of decor.

Flowers and other plants

Fresh flowers will bring coziness and neatness. They can be allocated in a separate flower bed next to the grave or planted inside the basement. It is desirable to form the compositions from unpretentious perennial plants, which do not require careful care. But if there is an opportunity and desire to follow the flower garden, it is advisable to plant primroses, various bulbous, as well as perennial plants. Then, as the seasons change, the flowerbed will bloom and fill with new plants. Shrubs or trees should not be planted, as they grow, and their extensive root system can damage the foundations of the graves around.

It is good to plant paths and free space in front of the monument or plinth with lawn grass. It is even more convenient to fill these places with a composition of stone chips or pave them with tiles. This will eliminate the need to control weeds and eliminate the appearance of dirt after rain and snow.

Additional elements

If space permits, you can install a table and bench. In the budget version, they should be made of wood, while a more reliable and monumental option involves stone.

For a luxurious grave, elements such as columns, balusters, arches or even statues are suitable. The most popular are angels and various biblical motives. Such things are made to order and are usually installed in guarded cemeteries, since they are of additional interest to looters and vandals.

Whatever the grave is decorated with, its main attribute is neatness and neatness. Even the most humble place can look attractive if visited and cared for.

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