How To Save On Travel

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How To Save On Travel
How To Save On Travel

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Public transport charges are growing every day, so the problem of saving on travel is always topical. In large cities and megalopolises, the most convenient, but not always the cheapest, mode of transport is the subway, as well as land transport. Residents of small towns use mainly buses and fixed-route taxis.

How to save on travel
How to save on travel


Step 1

Buy travel tickets. If you need to use public transport every day, or your work is connected with constant travel (courier, sales representative, etc.), then a pass will significantly save your travel expenses. The total cost of all tickets purchased in a month will be much higher than the price of a travel ticket. The main thing is not to lose it. In case of loss, as a rule, the ticket is not renewed.

Step 2

Use transport cards. This is true for passengers who use the metro and electric trains. Transport cards can be charged at metro ticket offices and train stations. Choose a tariff that is convenient for you. Evaluate whether the unlimited tariff will be more profitable, or, for example, you will only travel to work, and for each month, approximately the same number of trips is typed. Some transport cards are charged for a year, so the cost of one trip is significantly reduced, which also saves money.

Step 3

If you are paid for travel at work, do not forget to present all documents that prove your use of public transport for business purposes. Route taxi drivers are also required to issue you a ticket upon request.

Step 4

Use passing transport. After stopping the car, ask the driver if he can give you a lift to the place you need, that is, whether he is with you on the way. Often, drivers give a ride for free or for a nominal fee. If you nevertheless decide to use taxi services, then order a car by phone, through a company - it will be safer, more reliable and often even cheaper than taxi drivers who earn extra money as a private taxi can offer you.

Step 5

When traveling long distances, buy economy class tickets. Usually, the difference in quality of service between Economy and Business Class is not so noticeable, especially if all you care about is getting to your destination and not enjoying high-quality service. Buy plane tickets in advance, at the airline ticket offices. A ticket bought just before the trip usually costs a lot more. Intermediary companies that buy tickets from carriers are significantly overpriced.

Step 6

If you plan to travel by train, buy a ticket in a reserved seat carriage. This is especially true when traveling short distances (up to 15 hours of travel to the destination). The cost of such a ticket is usually several times lower than the cost of travel in compartment and SV type carriages. In addition, you can save a certain amount of money without buying bed linen and tea (use your own set of linen, a mug and tea).

Step 7

Use a bike if the place you want to get to is relatively close (within 5-10 km). Do not neglect walking if you need to travel 1-2 stops by public transport. In addition to saving material resources, you will receive a boost of vivacity and improve your health.

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