How Are The Funerals For Muslims

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How Are The Funerals For Muslims
How Are The Funerals For Muslims

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Islam is called upon to dictate certain religious truths to its followers. This also applies to the burial ceremony of Muslims, since their life from birth to death is already predetermined and prescribed by Sharia law.

The funeral of Muslims is dictated by sharia
The funeral of Muslims is dictated by sharia


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Muslim burials (graves) must necessarily face Mecca. It is forbidden to bury people of other faiths in Muslim cemeteries and vice versa. It is curious that deceased women who did not convert to Islam, but carry a child from a Muslim, are buried with their backs to Mecca. This will allow the child to face Mecca. Islam does not welcome any kind of tombstones such as mausoleums, crypts. The fact is that an unnecessarily rich and lavish funeral can cause envy in people and lead to temptation. In addition, Sharia law strictly prohibits Muslims from loudly mourning a deceased person. It is believed that this leads to even greater suffering. Crying Muslim men are reprimanded by society, while crying women and children are gently calmed down. Islam does not welcome both reburial and opening of graves. It is not customary to delay the funeral of Muslims. Burials are performed at the nearest Muslim cemetery.

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Immediately before the burial, the body is washed. Shariah prescribes that the deceased should be washed three times and with the participation of at least four people of the same sex as the deceased. Primary ablution takes place with water, in which cedar powder is dissolved, during the secondary ablution, camphor is dissolved in water, and for the third time ordinary water is used. According to Islamic law, Muslims cannot be buried in clothes. Only a shroud is worn on the deceased. It is curious that the material of the shroud depends on the material condition of the deceased. You cannot cut the nails and hair of the deceased. The body should be scented with various oils. Over the deceased Muslim, certain prayers are read. All this is crowned by wrapping the body in a shroud. Knots are made at the head, waist and legs.

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The knots on the shroud are untied only immediately before the burial of the body. A deceased Muslim is brought to the cemetery not in a coffin, as in the case of Orthodox Christians and Catholics, but on a stretcher. The body goes down with its feet. Then they throw earth into the dug grave and pour water. By the way, as an exception, Muslims can still be buried in coffins. Exceptions are dismembered bodies, body fragments, or an already decomposed corpse. The burial is accompanied by certain prayers. Some Muslims are generally buried while sitting. This is due to the ideas of these about the mechanism of the afterlife: it is believed that after his death the soul of a Muslim remains in the body until it is transferred by the angel of death to the angel of paradise. He will prepare her for eternal life. But before this happens, the soul will have to answer various questions. That is why, in order for the "conversation" to take place in conditions of decency, some Muslims are buried sitting.

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