What Kind Of Transport Can Be Called Exotic

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What Kind Of Transport Can Be Called Exotic
What Kind Of Transport Can Be Called Exotic

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Who can be surprised by a passing electric train or a hang-glider gracefully soaring in the sky. Cars, jet rockets and river liners have succinctly and firmly entered modern times. Exotic modes of transport in the world of pragmatic technologies still have a place to be.

What kind of transport can be called exotic
What kind of transport can be called exotic

Futuristic wonders

The monorail is not surprising. And although this design itself differs from traditional railways, the passenger still rides in it over the rail. Precisely - "over". However, a designer was found with a weighty dose of romanticism and turned everything upside down. The result is an overhead monorail. Being in the carriage of this transport, you experience a magical feeling of flight and at the same time it is driving, not flying. The invention first saw the light of day in 1901 in Germany. Subsequently, this design underwent a number of transformations.

Today the monorail is something futuristic and eye-catching.

An escalator is a great way to travel on an incline. One drawback: the strict controller does not allow sitting down. Japanese developers have solved this problem! Now public transport has been replenished with such a means of transportation as the carlator.

The Celestial Empire has not lagged behind either. Happy Hong Kong residents have the opportunity to ride the miracle elevator every day. His cabin is not inside the building, but outside. The vertical shaft first lifts the passengers up. Then it takes you to the horizontal route via a spiral staircase. Thus, in order to arrive from point A to point B, the townspeople follow the trajectory of the letter D.

Hundreds of townspeople every day get into the cabins of the carlator and climb the slope, leaving traditional cars idle.

The next mode of transport also refers to vertical movement. Imagine: you need to lift tons of cargo into the mountains. An ordinary cable car cannot cope with such a task. It is not always technically possible to build a railway. I had to equip the locomotive with teeth. To the usual two rails, a third is added - a stepped one. Thus, the train travels on the railroad while stepping up the stairs.

A look into the past

Exotic modes of transport are an eye-catching phenomenon in the modern world. Scientific and technological progress proceeds by trial and error. Some of the most successful experiments function to this day, delighting modern man. However, outdated modes of transport can also be called exotic. For example, it is curious to ride in a carriage pulled by … people, as the maharajas did in India, saddle an elephant, which is still used as a mode of transport and labor in the tropics, gondolas of modern Italy are exotic for tourists. Isn't it an exotic transport balloon or bathyscaphe? In a word, the very understanding of eco-friendliness is based on two things: on the prevalence of transport and on your own internal attitude towards it, because it is quite possible that a car is a wonder for someone.

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