How To Find A Passing Cargo

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How To Find A Passing Cargo
How To Find A Passing Cargo

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Passage transportation is a type of transportation, which consists in loading a vehicle carrying out an idle run. Situations when transport is forced to move without cargo are quite common, both before and after the fulfillment of the planned transport order. For a company, the ability to take additional cargo means at least a decrease in financial losses.

How to find a passing cargo
How to find a passing cargo


Step 1

Evaluate the efficiency of using associated cargo transportation specifically for your company. An important point that should be understood is the fact that the associated cargo can be transported at a time when the transport is forced to move empty after the implementation of the primary (main) transport request. If such situations occur regularly in the activities of your company, feel free to choose this method of optimization of transportation.

Step 2

Estimate what kind of associated cargo in terms of weight and dimensions your vehicle can carry. A passing cargo can be cost-effective even if some of your vehicle's cargo space is unoccupied.

Step 3

Think over from which points of the main route you can take the associated cargo. Most conveniently, if you can get such a cargo at the end point of the planned route and take it to the place where your transport company is located. But this situation may not always occur. Therefore, consider also the possibility of some deviation from the route, considering, of course, the economic feasibility of such a change.

Step 4

Find out if the return transportation of the cargo is required to the company to which you are performing the scheduled cargo transportation. In this case, it is much easier to agree on the price of the issue and ensure the reliability of additional mutually beneficial cooperation.

Step 5

Find several specialized Internet portals providing information services in the field of cargo transportation. As a rule, the sites of such companies have corresponding sections that allow you to find the accompanying cargo on your route and leave a corresponding request. In most cases, using this feature requires at least registration on the site. It will be ideal if the information resource has built-in capabilities for the logistic analysis of counter offers.

Step 6

Do not neglect groupage shipments, when in the selected direction small-sized cargo from different customers is transported in the same mode of transport. In this case, the transport should make shuttle routes in the selected directions.

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