How To Trim Springs

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How To Trim Springs
How To Trim Springs

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Car enthusiasts go to almost everything to improve the ride quality. Among the many clever tricks, there is also a change in the ground clearance inherent in the design of the car. This can be done by making changes to the size of the coil spring of the shock absorber, that is, simply speaking, by cutting it. You can carry out such a "surgical intervention" yourself. The main thing is to think carefully about the consequences of such an operation.

How to trim springs
How to trim springs


  • - angle grinder (grinder);
  • - hacksaw for metal;
  • - a set of car wrenches.


Step 1

If you decide to do your trimming yourself, first release the springs by removing the strut. Support each side of the vehicle in turn with a jack. Disconnect the wheels. Remove the bolts that secure the bottom of the rack. Then disconnect the springs. Fold all fasteners neatly in one place, having previously cleaned it from dirt.

Step 2

Decide how much you need to trim the springs. Consult a car service specialist for this. For a significant change in ground clearance, you will need to cut one and a half to two turns. When in doubt, first shorten the springs one turn and test them out. The procedure can be repeated if necessary. Having cut the springs to a greater number of turns at once, you, of course, will subsequently not be able to restore them to the required level, so think carefully before taking up the tool.

Step 3

Perform direct cutting of the metal spring using an angle grinder (grinder). If not, use a hacksaw for metal. Pre-mark in the desired location. The trimming should be marked at the top of the product. This will reduce the negative consequences of the deformation of the updated spring.

Step 4

Repeat the same steps for all the springs, making sure that they all end up being the same size. It is especially important that the size of the clipped springs matches the axes of the vehicle to prevent a decrease in handling due to even the smallest distortion of the structure.

Step 5

To avoid gross errors, use the capabilities of an automobile service department to trim the springs. A qualified technician will allow you to assess how desirable such a procedure is for your vehicle, and will perform it at the highest professional level. Inexperienced trimming of the springs may further require their complete replacement, and, consequently, unforeseen financial costs.

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