How To Get A Fine Back

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How To Get A Fine Back
How To Get A Fine Back
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A fine is a monetary penalty for a specific offense. As a rule, it is appointed by the court for administrative or criminal offenses and levied in favor of the state. Most often, its imposition is due to objective reasons, but sometimes the fine can be issued illegally. In this case, it is worth trying to get it back.

How to get a fine back
How to get a fine back


Step 1

First, make sure that the fine imposed on you is unreasonable. Read the necessary articles of the law, consult a lawyer specializing in such cases. Perhaps he will prompt a faster solution to the problem or confirm the legality of actions when imposing a monetary penalty and convince of the futility of returning the fine. That will save you money and nerves.

Step 2

After making sure that the fine was imposed unlawfully, for example, without the compulsory drawing up of a protocol, or its amount does not correspond to the punishment provided for the misdemeanor committed, prove it in court.

Step 3

If you want to return the amount of the fine imposed due to a traffic violation, file a claim with the district court demanding a refund. Be sure to indicate in it the articles of the law that confirm the absence of your fault. Please also attach copies of the fine and payment receipt to your claim. It is best to go to the court that wrote out this fine.

Step 4

After the judicial authority decides in your favor, which may take some time, obtain from the court a certificate for the bank staff, containing instructions on the return of the required amount.

Step 5

Give this certificate to the bank branch where you paid this fine, and you will get your money back.

Step 6

Be sure to keep for yourself all copies of receipts, court records, orders, and any other documents used in the refund process. This can greatly simplify matters and avoid many problems.

Step 7

Your chances of getting a refund for an unreasonably imposed fine may be greater if you act as soon as possible.

Step 8

Study the laws. This will allow you to determine the illegality of the fine imposed before it is paid and to protect yourself from subsequent difficulties associated with its return.

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