How Does A Truck Crane Work

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How Does A Truck Crane Work
How Does A Truck Crane Work
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An automobile crane is a type of lifting equipment widely used in construction and installation work. This mechanical device is operated by a specially trained and licensed operator. The accuracy and quality of moving and lifting loads largely depends on the skill of the crane operator.

How does a truck crane work
How does a truck crane work


Step 1

Getting started, the crane driver checks the equipment, examines the location of objects on the ground where the load will have to be lifted. It happens that power lines pass in the immediate vicinity of the work site. In this case, a special clearance permit may be required. The crane operator is obliged to organize the work process in such a way as not to damage the power lines and not endanger the lives of other people.

Step 2

The crane operator also evaluates the weather conditions. When a truck crane is operating in an open area, the presence of wind is important, as well as precipitation, which can significantly complicate the lifting and movement of goods. As a rule, in case of heavy snowfall and insufficient visibility, the operation of a truck crane is prohibited by those officials who are responsible for the safety of the work.

Step 3

Before directly gripping and lifting the load, the operator sets up the crane on a level platform and unfolds the side support devices, which in appearance resemble paws. They securely fix the crane to a horizontal surface, preventing it from moving. Stable and stable position of the lifting equipment is the key to safe and efficient work.

Step 4

The slinger helps the driver in his work. It directly attaches the load to the lifting device using special grippers, slings and hooks. The work of a slinger is very responsible and requires strict adherence to safety precautions. An incorrectly or carelessly secured load at the most crucial moment can free itself from its grips and fall down, causing material damage or even harm to human health.

Step 5

The main structural element of a truck crane is the boom, which often consists of several outrigger sections. A system of blocks and cables is installed on it, which are driven by a power plant. Raising and lowering the boom, as well as turning it to the sides, the driver can move the load to a considerable height within a wide area.

Step 6

The crane operator controls the lifting mechanism from a special cabin equipped with a system of levers and control devices. The work of a crane operator requires precision, concentration and precision. Moving cargo does not tolerate haste and fuss. Carrying out loading and unloading operations, the crane operator is obliged to constantly monitor compliance with safety standards and not to violate the requirements for the operation of his machine.

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