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What Is Armenian Radio
What Is Armenian Radio

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The Armenian radio is known to almost all residents of the "Land of the Soviets", and for today's youth it is a charming anachronism, a relic of the Soviet past, along with primus and barrels of kvass. Jokes about the Armenian radio were passed from mouth to mouth in kitchens, and those that were more decent were published in newspapers and magazines.

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Armenian radio appeared in the early 60s of the twentieth century. At the time, Q&A radio broadcasts were popular, televisions were still rare and everyone listened to the radio. Initially, the jokes were told with a Caucasian or Armenian accent, the answers were naive, slightly incorrect grammatically, but charmingly correct. Over time, the accent almost disappeared, the answers became more caustic, harsh and short.

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This form of anecdotes took root unusually quickly, perhaps because you can pick up questions on any topic. Political anecdotes were undoubtedly popular in the USSR, but retelling them could lead to big trouble. To demonstrate freedom of speech in the country, such anecdotes were published in magazines distributed in Eastern and Western Europe, for example, Sputnik magazine. Nevertheless, on the territory of the USSR, mainly stories were published on the topic of family relations, food problems, etc.

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The political agencies of Soviet Power at one time quite seriously believed that jokes about Armenian radio were being composed in bourgeois Paris, this was part of subversive activity. There was even a version of the anecdote: “The Armenian radio was asked: where is the Jew who is composing jokes for you? "He's not in prison yet." Perhaps there was some truth in this version, because anti-Soviet jokes enjoyed considerable interest.

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It must be said that it all started with one of the messages of the radio of Yerevan: "Under capitalism, a person exploits a person, and under socialism, everything happens the other way around." People liked this phrase so much that more and more messages began to be attributed to the Armenian radio. In the mid-1960s, at a radio and television conference in Moscow, the trend was so well known that the speaker from Radio Yerevan was greeted with thunderous applause and laughter, and the phrase “We are often asked” caused a sensation.

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Surprisingly, Armenian radio is still alive. If in the 60s one could hear anecdotes like “Armenian radio asks: is it possible to kill a mother-in-law with cotton wool? - You can, if you wrap an iron in it”, then in the 80s“What is criticism from below? "If you can't - get off." Today, for example, “A question to the Armenian radio: why did the Chinese send a man into space only 42 years after Gagarin? - It took a long time to look for someone willing to fly on a rocket "Made in China".

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