How To Behave In Different Situations

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How To Behave In Different Situations
How To Behave In Different Situations

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The behavior of people on the street, in transport, in shops, in places of public catering often does not comply with any norms and rules. But after all, mutual politeness and friendliness are of great importance and are reflected in a person's mood. In any situation, you need to behave in a cultured, tactful and dignified manner.

How to behave in different situations
How to behave in different situations


Step 1

When walking down the street, keep to the right and do not wave your arms. If you accidentally hit a passer-by or step on someone's foot, be sure to apologize. The man usually walks to the left of the woman, child, or elderly person.

Step 2

Do not stop on a busy part of the walkway or sidewalk, step aside so as not to disturb others. Do not eat ice cream, hot dogs, or other foods on the go. It is indecent to point a finger at someone, turn around and stare after passers-by.

Step 3

If you are traveling with a companion and meet a friend, introduce the people to each other. Linger in front of the door to let in elderly people, children and women. Don't slam the door, hold it.

Step 4

In public conversations, exercise restraint, listen to the interlocutor, and then respond. Don't talk about illness, brag about your successes, don't talk badly about people, and don't gossip. Not all jokes are well accepted in society, it is better to refrain from vulgar and risky anecdotes.

Step 5

Yawn on the sidelines, unnoticed by others. The same rule applies to sneezing, coughing, blowing your nose. Choose clothes that are appropriate for the place where you are going to go. In the auditoriums, go to your seat facing the already seated people.

Step 6

A man should be the first to enter cafes, restaurants and similar establishments. In the wardrobe, he helps the woman to take off her outerwear and gives it to the employee, when he leaves, he takes it and helps his companion get dressed.

Step 7

Do not discuss or comment on the prices of the dishes on the menu. The first - the lady chooses, but the man makes the order.

Step 8

When inviting people to visit, give them a few days' notice so they have time to prepare. The invitation should come from the hostess in a personal meeting or in a telephone conversation. Written invitations are usually only sent to the wedding.

Step 9

Notify the guests about all the invitees, because the relationship between some acquaintances can be tense, which will not allow some of them to come. Quarrels and conflicts are better prevented than corrected.

Step 10

All necessary preparations must be completed before the arrival of the guests. The food must be ready and the table set. It is indecent to refuse food when visiting, the hostess may be offended. But you can ask for supplements, it is only pleasant for the woman who tried, preparing the dishes.

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