What Is Typesetting Printing

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What Is Typesetting Printing
What Is Typesetting Printing

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Various types of seals and stamps are widely used in office work and paperwork. For enterprises and organizations, typesetting seals are very convenient, with which you can make prints of a wide variety of content. You can make such a seal using a standard set of characters.

What is typesetting printing
What is typesetting printing

Typesetting printing

Typesetting printing makes it possible to make round-shaped prints, the content of which can be selected at your discretion. Such a seal is made from a standard set, which includes a plastic case with a corrugated surface, tweezers, as well as a cash register of symbols, numbers and letters. Manufacturers offer a choice of several types of seals of this kind, differing in the number of circles and a set of signs.

The standard kit, oddly enough, provides the user with the ability to make prints with a high degree of security. The fact is that in the process of typing the inscriptions, the position of the letters, the distance between them and the slope can be set completely arbitrarily. It will be difficult to re-fold characters in the same way.

When ordering typeset printing from the manufacturer, there is no need to provide a package of documents, which is a mandatory requirement in the manufacture of conventional printing.

It is quite simple to make typesetting printing. To do this, in the special grooves of the lower part of the case in a mirror image, the elements of the inscription - letters, numbers and other symbols - are placed with tweezers. For the convenience of drawing up a print, a sheet of paper, a small mirror and a pencil are often used. It can take from half an hour to an hour to compose a typesetting print of an average complexity.

Advantages and disadvantages of typesetting

When compiling a typesetting print, you can show a certain imagination, which, however, is limited by the technical capabilities of the kit. Printing is quite rigidly tied to the text board and the cash register of letters and numbers. In most cases, a complex image with sophisticated graphics will not work.

Manufacturers of kits for such seals are striving to find a compromise between the complexity of the device and its versatility. When purchasing a kit, it is advisable to make sure that the printing elements can be freely installed in the lines that make up the printed base.

You should not choose sets with elements that have different font styles, as such technical solutions complicate the compilation of the print.

It should be remembered that typesetting stamps have limitations in terms of complexity. Typically, such devices have only no more than two rows around the circumference and one to three rows in the center of the base. Naturally, the number of characters in a line is determined by the selected font size. The disadvantages of typesetting include the limitation on the number of characters that are applied in a circle, as well as the difficulty of making an imprint with national characters that are difficult to pick up.

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