How To Choose Paper For Offset Printing

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How To Choose Paper For Offset Printing
How To Choose Paper For Offset Printing
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Offset printing is one of the classic printing methods in modern printing industry, which provides high quality, productivity and economy. For it, special paper is used, which allows you to convey halftones well and perfectly reproduce small details of the image. How Do You Pick a Good Offset Paper?

How to choose paper for offset printing
How to choose paper for offset printing

All about offset paper

Offset paper is usually used for printing multi-color art and illustration-text publications with complex halftone illustrations. Also printed products are printed on it. The high strength of the paper surface is provided by the surface sticker, which is a thin layer of sizing agents. Offset paper is available in a variety of sizes and weights as it is widely used in a variety of applications.

Offset paper is in demand in almost all printing industries for printing magazines, calendars, books, textbooks, notebooks, brochures, booklets, albums, and so on.

The principle of operation of offset printing is the application of an image onto a plate treated with a special substance, and then onto a printing medium (using an offset auxiliary cylinder). With this method, four primary colors are used - black, magenta, yellow and cyan, which are additionally varnished. At the preparatory stage of offset circulation, the designer makes a computer-based layout of the future edition, which is then displayed in the form of a photographic form and made on special equipment.

Choosing offset paper

Offset paper varies in density - for example, to print letterheads, invoices, mailings, statements and accompanying documentation, you should choose paper with a density of 70, 75, 80, 90, 100 and 115 gsm. For printing book products, booklets, instructions, folders and schedules, offset paper with this indicator of 70, 80, 90, 100 g / m2 is suitable. It is better to print high-quality printing products on a sheet of paper with a density higher than 150 g / m2.

For the field of fine arts, "Whatman" offset paper is ideal, the density of which is more than 180 g / m2.

For high speed web offset presses, select high quality cellulose paper with improved texture, surface strength, smoothness and surface finish. Dyed offset paper with surface sizing and machine finishing is used for the production of highly artistic publications. For printing multi-color publications (newspapers, magazines, books, as well as paper-chalk and advertising materials), it is better to choose a puffy offset paper, the density of which is 60, 65, 70, 80, 90, 100 and 120 g / m2.

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