How To Identify A Product Of The Same Name

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How To Identify A Product Of The Same Name
How To Identify A Product Of The Same Name

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Goods of the same name are goods that are similar in their functional and technological properties, which differ among themselves in individual insignificant details, which in no way can affect the quality of this product and its properties for the consumer, as well as being a homogeneous group in terms of consumer purpose.

How to identify a product of the same name
How to identify a product of the same name


Step 1

For the correct definition of a group of goods of the same name, according to the recommendations of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, it is necessary to apply the All-Russian Classifier of Economic Activities, approved by the Ministry of Economic Development. In the nomenclature of all goods and services, certain groups are highlighted, which, according to the law on public procurement, refer to goods, works or services of the same name.

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So, for example, according to the nomenclature approved by the Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation of 07.06. 2011 N 273 "On approval of the nomenclature of goods, works, servants for the needs of customers", the group "textile goods", code OKDP 25, includes yarn and threads, carpets and rugs, knitted and knitted fabrics, as well as production services clothes on a contractual basis. In total, 221 groups of goods of the same name are identified in the nomenclature. Some groups are distinguished by larger ones and include a fairly large range of goods. Others - for example, food products - have a limited number of positions in the group of similarly named products.

Step 3

According to the law, when conducting public procurement, it is possible to order goods of the same name during a quarter only for a certain amount of money, which is currently 500 thousand rubles. An even smaller amount - 100 thousand rubles - is assumed when purchasing a product of the same name from a single supplier or contractor of works.

Step 4

Homogeneous groups, which combine several types of goods, are large enough. In addition, they include goods that are quite different in application with specific industries, therefore, organizations often face difficulties in purchasing allegedly homogeneous (according to the current legislation) goods for large amounts of money in excess of the established figures.

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