How To Print A Barcode

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How To Print A Barcode
How To Print A Barcode

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A barcode is a kind of trade symbol for automatic reading and identification of a product; it contains basic information about it and is unique. A barcode consists of a series of parallel lines of varying widths side by side and spaces between them. Different line widths are used to encode data into characters. Below the figure are Arabic numerals, which are encrypted in it.

How to print a barcode
How to print a barcode


Computer, simple inkjet, dot matrix or laser printer and printing paper, Word, WordPerfect, Access, FoxPro, or Excel


Step 1

Usually the barcode is printed on the label by the manufacturer. If you print the label yourself, then you will have to print the barcode yourself. It’s very simple.

Step 2

Open Word, WordPerfect, Access, FoxPro, Excel or any other Windows program, create a new document.

Step 3

Choose a TrueType Font for it. This is a code font, just like other fonts on your computer. When using it, all the necessary information is printed in barcode form.

Step 4

Enter the required information into the document and arrange the barcode image on the sheet in the form you need.

Print the sheet.

Step 5

Experience has shown that it is best to apply the barcode already on the label. Many thermal transfer printers print labels already with a barcode, if you have included this in the program. All that remains is to stick the label on the product.

Step 6

As a rule, barcodes are applied for the convenience of product identification, transportation and storage. Producers and sellers of goods need this information more than consumers.

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