How To Compose A Barcode

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How To Compose A Barcode
How To Compose A Barcode

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The barcode is a kind of trade symbol designed to automatically identify a product. Each barcode is unique. It consists of parallel lines of different widths, which are located almost close to each other. Various line weights are used to encode data into characters. Below, under the lines, are the numbers encrypted in them.

How to compose a barcode
How to compose a barcode


  • - Personal Computer;
  • - Printer;
  • - paper for printer;
  • - Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Microsoft Access, FoxPro or Excel programs.


Step 1

The barcode is usually printed on the label by the manufacturer. If you print it yourself, you will also have to print the barcode yourself.

Step 2

Open one of the programs mentioned in the section "You will need", create a new document.

Step 3

Select True Type Font for barcode printing. This is a code font. When choosing this font, all information will be printed in the form that you need.

Step 4

Print the information you need, arrange the barcode image in the form you want and print it.

Step 5

As practice shows, it is best to apply the barcode directly to the label. Many so-called thermal transfer printers print labels already with a barcode applied to them, if the corresponding program is pre-installed in them. You just have to stick the finished label on the product.

Step 6

Barcodes, as a rule, are applied to ensure the convenience of identifying a particular product, as well as its transportation and storage. This information is needed by commodity producers, as well as sellers. For consumers, it is, in principle, useless.

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