Where Do Insects Disappear?

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Where Do Insects Disappear?
Where Do Insects Disappear?

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With the arrival of cold weather, all insects disappear somewhere. But only some species die at the beginning of winter, while others try to survive in harsh conditions. Yes, insects, like many other animals, are adapted for wintering, they hide in secluded corners in anticipation of the warm summer sun.

Burdock butterfly
Burdock butterfly


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Butterflies, for example, urticaria, mourning and lemongrass, delight those around with their presence until late autumn. When cold weather sets in, they hide in the hollows of trees, under the bark, they can fly into the attics of houses, where they winter. The fact is that butterflies are cold-blooded creatures, so at low temperatures they simply fall asleep, and wake up with the onset of warm days. An adult butterfly can thus safely survive the winter.

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It is very interesting that some butterflies go south with the onset of cold weather. These migratory butterflies include the monarch species. These creatures are capable of flying thousands of kilometers. True, monarchs do not live in our country, their place of residence is the USA. In Russia there is a no less interesting butterfly, which is also a migratory one. This is a thistle, a nomad butterfly. The first generation of these butterflies wanders south in autumn, and the second generation - north in spring.

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Beauties - dragonflies also disappear with the arrival of cold weather, they hibernate in the larval stage. They have gills that allow small dragonflies to breathe dissolved oxygen in the water. Such representatives of the order Diptera, like mosquitoes, so annoying to everyone during the summer period, also experience cold weather in the form of larvae. Grasshoppers lay eggs that are not afraid of low temperatures. This is their way to ride out the winter. Before the onset of cold weather, grasshoppers reliably hide their eggs in the soil.

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Everyone's favorite ladybugs, like butterflies, winter in adulthood. They prefer to stay in the same territory, where they lived in the summer. Ladybugs begin to disappear at the end of August. They hide in the forest floor and fall asleep.

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Before the onset of cold weather, wasps also disappear. Most of them die, only young females survive. They hide in the crevices of rotten stumps, under the trunks of fallen old trees, it is here that they wait for the onset of warm days. In the spring, young females will have to create new nests.

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