What Major Ports Are There In Russia

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What Major Ports Are There In Russia
What Major Ports Are There In Russia

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A port is a specially equipped place on the seashore or ocean, which is intended for anchorage of large, medium and small vessels and ships. Large ports usually have several berths, as well as special equipment that serves ships.

Russian ports
Russian ports


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Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port

One of the largest ports in Russia in terms of turnover. Located in the Krasnodar Territory. It is through this port that the delivery of such goods as oil and oil products, construction materials, timber and paper, grain crops, metal and metal products is carried out to the country. This port accounts for about 30% of the country's total cargo turnover. It was founded in 1845.

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Primorsky commercial port

A relatively young Russian port, founded in 2001. Located in the St. Petersburg region. The port was built specifically for the transportation of crude oil products from the Timan-Pechora field. It is the largest Russian port in the Northwestern District.

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St. Petersburg seaport

This is one of the oldest and largest ports in Russia, founded in 1757. There are about two hundred berths in the port. It is noteworthy that most of them are located within the city limits. In this regard, projects are being developed to move the berths to another location, since this has a detrimental effect on the environmental situation. At the moment, the port is intended for transshipment of minerals (oil, timber, coal, ore).

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Murmansk Commercial Sea Port

This is the only Russian port located on the coast of the Kola ice-free bay. It is noteworthy that during the Great Patriotic War, it was through him that caravans with provisions and ammunition were delivered to our country. The Nazis failed to capture the port. The port was founded in 1915. At the moment, the main activity of the port is the transportation of minerals (ore, apatite, non-ferrous and ferrous metals).

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Port Vostochny

Located in the Primorsky Territory. It was founded in 1973. The main activity of the port is coal transportation. Coal accounts for 98% of the total cargo turnover. There is also the possibility of mutually beneficial cooperation with neighboring countries: China, Japan, Korea.

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Tuapse commercial seaport

During the Great Patriotic War, a naval base was established in the port after Odessa fell. The port was founded in 1898. Most of the cargo turnover falls on oil products, only 25% of cargo is classified as "dry cargo".

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Ust-Luga Trade Sea Port

The port was founded in 2001. Despite its relative youth, it is considered one of the largest ports in Russia. The location of the port is considered to be favorable, since the local infrastructure allows the constantly increasing turnover of coal to be melted.

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