How To Choose A Telescopic Baton

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How To Choose A Telescopic Baton
How To Choose A Telescopic Baton
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When choosing a telescopic baton, the main attention should be paid not to the number of its sections, but to more important parameters. Among these products, the best is considered the products of two companies that have won the recognition and trust of the consumer.

Telescopic batons ESP
Telescopic batons ESP

The telescopic baton belongs to the class of shock-crushing weapons. In Russia, it is equated not with melee weapons, as many mistakenly believe, but with special equipment (according to the certification of police truncheons). There is no direct prohibition on wearing it (an exception is products made of hardened steel), but questions may arise if law enforcement officers find it. You can use this device solely for self-defense purposes.

Main characteristics of the telescopic baton

These products are made of metal or durable plastic, some parts are made of rubber. The design consists of several cylinders, interconnected according to the principle of a telescope, that is, nesting into each other. In the firing position, all parts are put forward and form an elastic, more weighty rod from one end. For fastening the cylinders, special stops mounted inside the baton are used.

There are no standard proportions for this weapon. Each manufacturer produces the product that he considers the most successful. On average, the length of the baton can vary from 30 cm to 1 m. In the folded position - 12-17 cm. A permit is not required to purchase these products.

Criteria for choosing a telescopic baton

The striking part of the baton is its first (distant from the owner) third. It is she who needs to pay special attention. This part can be made of any material, it is more important that it be more weighty. The simplest baton is a plastic one. Its length when folded is 30 cm, when unfolded it is 50 cm. It consists of two sections, the impact part has a slightly greater weight, since there is a rubber inside the cylinder equipped with a metal tip. Experts say that in action this device provides a cauterizing effect, that is, it is combat-ready in excess of expectations. Such a club is optimal for self-defense of those who do not possess the skills of owning more solid weapons.

Among these products, the most popular are Euro Security Products and ASP. These batons are used by both ordinary citizens and law enforcement officers. The diameter of the rods can be different: 16, 18, 21, 23, 26 inches. Batons for 16, 18 and 21 inches are made in two versions: with an ergonomic handle and a sliding one. During the choice, you need to take the baton in your hands in order to understand how comfortably it fits in the palm of your hand. According to reviews, ergonomic handles are considered the best.

The batons are extended in two ways: with a sharp wave and automatically with the push of a button. Both options have their fans, so it's hard to say which one is better. When choosing this parameter for a telescopic baton, you need to focus on your own preferences. Experts do not advise purchasing Chinese-made products, since, due to low quality, they can let their owner down at the most unexpected moment.

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