How To Unhook A Carriage

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How To Unhook A Carriage
How To Unhook A Carriage
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A railway carriage is a non-self-propelled rail carriage that is driven by a locomotive. It is designed to carry various goods and passengers. In this regard, there are many types of wagons, among which a passenger wagon, a tank wagon, a covered wagon, an open wagon, a platform, and a refrigerator wagon can be distinguished. Also, special comfortable cars are produced for travel by rail.

How to unhook a carriage
How to unhook a carriage


Step 1

Before using any piece of railway equipment, carefully read the instruction manual. As a rule, it should describe all the most common problems and difficulties that a novice railroad worker may encounter. It should also be remembered that only a specially trained specialist, an employee of Russian Railways, can disconnect the cars.

To uncouple a train car, first of all, check the brake line that connects all carriages of the train. It is under excess pressure, as a result of which it shifts and spreads the brake pads connecting the cars. Climb into the locomotive cab and disconnect the brake line.

Step 2

Then, in the last car of the train, pull out a special damper, and all the air will leave the system. Then, between the cars, disconnect the brake hoses from each other. And start spreading the brake pads. This procedure depends on whether the brake pads are equipped with an automatic lock or a rune lock. If the lock is automatic, after disconnecting the brake hoses, the pads should move apart by themselves. If the lock is manual, pull out the small oblong iron block that holds the pads together. That's all, the procedure for uncoupling the car can be considered complete. Then you can do with it at your own discretion - drive it to a new place, carry out repair and maintenance work, or something else.

Step 3

Freight cars are uncoupled in the same way as passenger cars. However, remember that the tonnage of a freight train is much higher than that of a passenger. Therefore, the pressure in the brake line is much higher. This means that you need to be extremely careful and concentrated when detaching the brake hoses and pads. Careful operation of any railway equipment will significantly extend its service life.

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