How To Become A Vampire

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How To Become A Vampire
How To Become A Vampire

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More and more in modern society, hobby for this or that subculture is gaining popularity. Currently, some young people are joining the Gothic subculture, and the prerogative of the especially desperate of them is the passion for vampirism and everything that is associated with it.

You can become a vampire, only not for real, but on a subconscious level
You can become a vampire, only not for real, but on a subconscious level

Do I need to become a vampire?

Constant film adaptations and printed novels about vampires have somehow romanticized these creatures in the eyes of modern society. While some people ask if vampires really exist, others think more globally - how to become a vampire! People who want to become vampires in real life sometimes do not fully realize the reasons for their crazy desires themselves. Moreover, they do not even realize that this process is irreversible. At least that's what esotericists and other specialists involved in black magic say. However, until now, not a single case of the transformation of a person into a real bloodsucker has been officially recorded. Curiously, this does not at all prevent some people from living like vampires!

How can you become a vampire?

Specialists in black magic claim that in its closed sections, not available in the public domain, as well as in the Satanic Bible, there are certain rituals that allow an ordinary person to turn into a vampire. To argue with this, of course, is useless, but if this is so, then why is there still not a single person in the world who would live exclusively at night, eat only blood and, of course, never die? Apparently, these rituals are not so effective! Psychologists say that the transformation of a person into a vampire by means of black magic and other anti-Christian methods occurs rather at his psychological and subconscious level than at the metaphysical one.

In other words, people over whom certain magical rites were performed are so strongly zombified with their desire to become vampires that, on a subconscious level, they begin to behave like these bloodthirsty creatures. Such people change their appearance - they let go of their hair, dye it black, grind their teeth in the shape of fangs, wear carnival contact lenses in their eyes, arrange night outings to cemeteries and, of course, drink blood for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But not human, but pork, beef or lamb. Of course, you will not be full of blood alone, therefore such "vampires" eat, like all people, but they carefully try to hide this fact, claiming that they live only off red blood cells.

In principle, if this state of affairs suits them, then why not? If you like living like a vampire, then please! There is an opinion that it is possible to become a vampire with the help of a curse: a person who in their hearts wished a lot of bad things, supposedly becomes a potential contender for the vacant position of a vampire. Another way you can become a bloodsucker. It is banally simple: you need to become a victim of a real vampire! As you know, a vampire bite is the best way to become like him!

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