How To Buy Clothes And Shoes Online

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How To Buy Clothes And Shoes Online
How To Buy Clothes And Shoes Online

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An increasing number of people are interested in shopping for goods, including clothing and footwear, on the Internet. However, newcomers to this business may face some difficulties due to the lack of experience and knowledge.

How to buy clothes and shoes online
How to buy clothes and shoes online


Step 1

First, decide on the online stores where you want to buy clothes or shoes. If you do not have specific preferences or knowledge in this area, use search engines. Try to indicate as accurately and succinctly as possible what you want to purchase. For example, the search query “buy a jacket from an online store” will lead you to your desired goal faster than just “clothes”.

Step 2

Carefully study the sites that you will come to as a result of search queries. If they do not inspire confidence in you, do not look presentable, then it is better to refrain from using their services. The most famous and reputable stores in Russia are such stores as Quelle, Bon Prix, Sapato, Ellos, OTTO, etc. If you find it difficult to search on your own, you can visit one of them.

Step 3

Most online stores offer registration on the site, although this is not required. By registering, you will receive more functionality, be able to subscribe to the newsletter, track completed orders. This is very convenient if you are a regular customer.

Step 4

To buy clothes or shoes, you need to follow these steps. Find the desired product in the catalog on the website, click on the appropriate button to place it in the basket. After that, indicate the address and type of delivery, the form of payment (by credit card, electronic money, postal order) and, depending on the site, other data.

Step 5

Foreign online stores are quite popular. Often the prices for clothes and shoes in them are cheaper, even taking into account the delivery. Moreover, many of them work on the free shipping principle, i.e. free shipping. One of the most popular and visited online auctions is eBay, the official page of which is located at However, if you are not familiar with foreign languages, you may encounter certain difficulties when working with such sites.

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