Which City Is Closest To The Equator

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Which City Is Closest To The Equator
Which City Is Closest To The Equator
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The equator is a conditional line that is formed by the imaginary intersection of the plane with the center of the Earth, perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the planet. Thus, the Equator line divides the Earth into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres and its length is about 40,075 km.

Which city is closest to the equator
Which city is closest to the equator


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The equatorial line crosses the territorial waters of the island states of Sao Tome, Principe and Equatorial Guinea. Further on the African mainland it passes through the territory of countries such as Gabon, Congo, Uganda, Kenya and Somalia. Then on the path of the Equator lies the Indian Ocean with the territorial waters of the Maldives and the islands of Indonesia. In the Pacific Ocean, the equator crosses the US economic zones. On the territory of the American continent, it passes through Ecuador, Colombia and the states of Brazil - Amazonas, Amapa, Para, Roraima.

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Directly on the equator, simultaneously in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, is the Brazilian city - Macapa, which is the capital of the state of Amapa. Its area is over 6,500 sq. km. and it is located in the bed of the Amazon River. Interestingly, the equatorial line runs here practically in the center of the city's football stadium. Nearby there is a monument to Marco Zero - the largest attraction of Macapa, more than 9 m high.In its upper part there is a round hole through which twice a year - on the days of the spring and autumn equinox - you can see the sun. Thus, this monument shows the exact passage of the equator through the city.

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In Kenya, on the equator line there are two cities at once - Kisumu and Nakuru. Kisumu is one of the three largest Kenyan cities, it is the main one in the western region of the country. Nakuru is the fourth largest city in Kenya, located in the southwest and is the administrative center of the Rift Valley province.

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Another equatorial city is Pontianak. It is located in Indonesia, on the island of Kalimantan, in the Kapuas delta. It is the administrative center of the West Kalimantan province, with an area of ​​over 100 sq. Km.

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In Uganda, the equator passes through the administrative center of Mbarara, located in the western region, and in the Congo, through the city of Mbandaka, which is also the administrative center of the Equatorial Province of the Democratic Republic. Crosses the equator and the Congo River twice.

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The highest shield volcano of the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) - Wolf - is also located on both sides of the equator. He is inactive. For 900 years of its existence, it erupted only 20 times, the last one in 1982.

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Relatively not far, 137 km from the equatorial line, is the island of Singapore - the main island of the state of the same name, which has the largest area (617 sq. Km), where most of the country's population lives.

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