How To Return A Sofa To The Store

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How To Return A Sofa To The Store
How To Return A Sofa To The Store

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Buying new furniture is usually a joyful, anticipated event, a way to update the interior and to some extent even the lifestyle. But a situation may arise when you want to return one of the purchased pieces of furniture - a sofa - back to the store. How can this be done?

How to return a sofa to the store
How to return a sofa to the store


  • - check;
  • - the passport;
  • - purchase witnesses.


Step 1

Find out if you are eligible to return the sofa and get your money back. If you bought it no more than two weeks ago, then this can be done regardless of the quality of the product. The law gives you the opportunity to cancel a purchase if the thing just didn't like it. But at the same time, the sofa must be intact, without traces of use - scuffs, stains and other damage.

A defective piece of furniture, for example, the one in which you found damage, you can return during the warranty period. It can be found in the documents for the thing, it is determined by the manufacturer within the framework established by law - from one to two years.

Step 2

If your sofa meets the requirements outlined above, go to the store with your receipt and passport. If the receipt has not been saved, it will be more difficult to get a refund. Then you need to bring in a witness to confirm the purchase. The rest depends on the goodwill of the seller - he may not admit the fact of purchase without a receipt, but you, in turn, can go to court to confirm the fact of purchasing the goods.

Step 3

Please select a payment method for returned furniture. You can either get a similar model without defects or get your money back. The decision is yours, the seller cannot impose his own on you. An exception can be called the situation when the sofas of the same brand have run out - only monetary compensation or the choice of another model, possibly with an additional payment, remains.

Step 4

If the store refuses to comply with your requirements, contact the local consumer protection department. Its staff will advise you on how to proceed. At the same time, be prepared to pay legal costs, for example, expert examination of a low-quality sofa. But in most cases, the problem is resolved without a trial after negotiations with the store management.

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