How To Increase The Draw Distance

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How To Increase The Draw Distance
How To Increase The Draw Distance

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Texture rendering range is a term used in computer games. It is convenient when the player sees in advance the gradually appearing new objects in front of him. If the update occurs too late, it is necessary to increase the drawing range, which may depend not only on the settings, but also on the quality characteristics of the video card.

How to increase the draw distance
How to increase the draw distance


Step 1

The performance of any game is affected by the graphics settings. Before you start configuring the game, set the minimum acceptable resolution, and Resource Cache, on the contrary, to the maximum.

Step 2

Install the versions of shaders that you support. Use the sliders to change the settings in the "Distance of large objects", "Distance of small objects" and "Detail" options.

Step 3

Move the sliders until you reach the desired draw distance. Also pay attention to "Shadow Quality" and "Vegetation Quality". Don't set sliders to minimum or maximum. At the minimum, there will be no shadows at all, and at the maximum, even small objects will cast shadows, which is not very convenient during the battle. Lastly, adjust the texture quality to the middle position.

Step 4

In the game folder, find the INI directory. It contains ini files. Remove the contents of logo.ini, which contains the launch commercials, bugs, and other problems that may slow down the game.

Step 5

Browse to the ge3.ini file. Go ahead and adjust the graphics. Change the value in the lines VegetationAdmin.Quality = high and Vegetation Admin.View Range = 3500.0. They are responsible for the range and quality of grass rendering and can have high, med and low values.

Step 6

The line Animation.Max Rag Dolls = 999 indicates the number of animations that can be drawn by the engine at the same time. Change the distance of drawing objects in the lines: - Distance High.fFar Clipping Plane_High = 10000.0; - Distance High.fFar Clipping Plane_Medium = 8000.0; Distance High.fFar Clipping Plane_Low = 6000.0; - Distance Low.fFar Clipping Plane Low Poly Mesh_High = 100000.0; - Distance Low.fFar Clipping Plane Low Poly Mesh_Medium = 45000.0; - Distance Low.fFar Clipping Plane Low Poly Mesh_Low = 20000.0. Here you can set the viewing range several times greater than in the menu of the game itself.

Step 7

Change the draw distance using mods. You can download them on various Internet resources. Copy the mod files to the game directory. If such files already exist, replace them. Mods fix game bugs and make the graphics better.

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