How To Dial A Number In Kiev

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How To Dial A Number In Kiev
How To Dial A Number In Kiev

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Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. If your relatives and friends live here, you can call them on their cell or city number using the appropriate codes.

How to dial a number in Kiev
How to dial a number in Kiev


Step 1

Switch to a long distance line to make a call to Kiev if you are calling from a landline to a landline phone. After lifting the handset, press "8" and wait for a long beep. Now dial "10" to get an international line. Now you need to dial the code of Ukraine - "38", which is valid for calls to both landline and mobile phones. Dial the city code of Kiev - "44", after which the seven-digit number of the subscriber you need. Thus, the dialing algorithm to Kiev is as follows: 8 - 10 - 38 - 44 - subscriber's number.

Step 2

If you are making a call from a landline to a mobile phone, the dialing procedure will be slightly different. First you need to get out on the international and long-distance lines, as indicated in the previous step. Dial the code of Ukraine - "38". In this case, you no longer need to enter the area code. You just need to dial a ten-digit phone number. But if you need to call from a mobile to a landline phone, you will have to go through the entire procedure mentioned above.

Step 3

The simplest are mobile-to-mobile calls. In this case, you do not need an international or long-distance area code. Start entering the number at "38" and then enter the remaining ten-digit combination.

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